AimOrDie's StashClub Review!

AimOrDie's StashClub Review

Overall rating out of 10:
Honestly, I'd give them 10/10, but some of their prices are a little high compared to other places, so I'll go with 9/10.

Sign Up:
Standard sign up process, ID required to sign up.

Ordering & Pricing:
I didn't actually place an order, but as far as I can tell it's the same standard process as anywhere else. Prices could be more competitive, but with 120k previous orders, it's clearly working for them.

Communication was absolutely fantastic. I spoke to a few different reps through E-mail and each of them were just as friendly and accommodating as the last, and the response times were generally only a couple hours, if not less. Sometimes it took a little longer, but not much.|

Packaging was great. Completely inconspicuous and well packed.

Products / Photos:

Violator Kush
This seems to be the most expensive strain they have to offer. While I really enjoyed it, I can't imagine paying more than $10 a gram for it.
With that said, this strain was really good. It has a fantastic sour kush smell, and the taste is wonderfully strong. It smoked very smoothly, with a nice white ash.
This Violator Kush was trimmed well, and seems to have been cured and flushed well also. I'd say this just barely misses the mark for a quad, because it falls a bit short of some of the better strains I've tried recently. It's definitely a strain I'd recommend, but it's a tad expensive in my opinion. 7.5/10 (AAA+) to me, but I'm sure some people would rate it higher.

Stash Drops 250mg Tincture
To preface this review, I'm not a medical user. I don't have a medical condition that I would need something like this for. Aside from some terrible sleeping problems, I can not tell you the medicinal benefits of this product.

With that said, this stuff is awesome. It's got a clear oily texture, with no flavor. Very simple to take, and honestly I'd probably use this instead of smoking in places where it's not okay to just bust out a joint. I put a few drops under my tongue last night (probably 5-6 drops) and took a 25mg THC capsule, and within half an hour I was asleep. It's been a long time since I slept well through the night, and this stuff really helped. I'm not sure how exactly I should grade this kind of stuff, but I definitely see myself purchasing more in the future. I'm going to stay away from giving it a number grade, because I really have nothing to compare it with.

Liquid Gold 25mg THC Capsules
I was sent 10 of these along with the tincture, and again, I can't speak for their medicinal effects, but I can say that these capsules are fantastic. I took one early in the morning yesterday, and it had me feeling great. Gave me a nice buzz that wasn't so much that it kept me from moving off the couch, but it was strong enough to have me feeling quite uplifted and happy. Just like the tincture, it really helped me sleep, and I can definitely see myself getting more of these just to put me to bed at night, but I have nothing to compare to so I'll stay away from a number grade.

Incentive for Customers:
There's always sales running.
If you have medical conditions, this is one of the best places I've seen to get yourself some medicine.

Incentive for Review:
The whole package was an incentive for review, and I'm really glad I reached out to these guys. I never thought I'd be a fan of a tincture or THC capsules, but boy was I wrong.

I think StashClub is going to be way more beneficial for you if you have some sort of condition that you need to medicate. Whether that be physical pain, or insomnia, or one of the many other issues. There's so many different edibles, topicals, and CBD products it's like heaven for medical users. Recreational users will also still find things that they'll enjoy, and if you have never tried a tincture or capsule before, you definitely should.

Thanks for taking the time to read my review. If there's a specific MOM that you'd like to see me give my opinion of, and do a review for please feel free to comment!

If you've made it this far, I appreciate the time you've taken out of your day to read my opinion, and I hope you'll be back for the next one as well.