AimOrDie's BulkWeedInbox Multi-Strain Review!

AimOrDie's BulkWeedInbox Review

Overall rating out of 10:
9/10 I had previously reviewed BWIB, and made a comment about their site being a little harsh on the eyes, and needing a visual update. They rolled out a visual update, and while the site is still fairly slow, it looks so much better than it used to.

Sign Up:
Standard sign up, just like every other MOM.

Ordering & Pricing:
Standard ordering process. Great bulk pricing, and a mix and match deal for multiple ounces.

Communication with BWIB is always great. They're super friendly, always willing to accommodate their customers needs, Frank always manages to make me feel like an important customer. I had a problem with not being able to log into my account, which was promptly fixed. Shipping was delayed because of the holidays, and Frank did a great job of keeping me up to date with what was going on, and assuring me that my package would show up as soon as CP figured themselves out, which it did.

Great discreet packaging. Comes in a standard box, well wrapped and taped. No way to tell what's inside without opening.

Came with cute Christmas colored paper for the Holiday season, also came with some memes and a couple gifts.
It's a little weird that i was sent a free gram of Sour Diesel as a sample, even though the order contained 2oz of it.

Products / Photos:

These strains are ranked from worst to best, in my opinion.

Fruity Pebbles
This strain has a fantastic smell. It's an extremely strong fruity smell, that honestly does kinda smell like it's namesake. The taste is a little less sweet, and the smoke is harsher than I'd have liked. Overall it's a nice indica, but it's probably my least favorite strain of this order. I think it has an awesome, unique smell, but the buds were quite loose, pretty leafy and aside from the few nice sized nugs taken out for pictures, it was mostly smaller popcorn-like buds. I can see this strain being absolutely incredible if it has more care put into it, but as it is I'd give it 6/10 (AA+)

The smell makes this strain really stand out to me, and I would really love to try a true quad version of this strain. Please PM me if you know where I could find that.


Sweet Berlin Haze
I really enjoyed this strain. It has a nice sweet, earthy smell with a great uplifting sativa buzz.
The buds were nicely sized, bag appeal is there for sure. Well trimmed, well cured, all around nice buds. The biggest complaint I have with this strain is that it's buzz isn't as intense or long lasting as many other sativa strains, including the Sour Diesel from this order. 7/10 (AAA) for me.


Sour Diesel
I love Sour Diesel, it's one of those classic nostalgic strains that I can't get enough of. One of the first strains I ever smoked, and hopefully one of the last.
This Sour Diesel specifically, is a great representation of that classic strain. It has that classic sour smell that it became famous for, with a clean burning, smooth smoke. The buds on this were a little airy, not quite as dense as some of the SD I've seen in the past, and while it had a nice cerebral sativa high that lasted a good amount of time, it's not the best SD I've ever smoked, nor was it the nicest looking. But for the price, it's absolutely fantastic. 7.5/10 AAA

White Castle
I only received a small sample of the White Castle, but it was a very enjoyable smoke. I couldn't get the best smell of it, but from what I could tell it had a nice strong smell, fairly similar to other "white" strains. The sample I received was very well trimmed, and seems like it was taken very good care of during growth. 7.5/10 AAA


Purple Green Goddess
While this strain was great, it wasn't quite what I expected. It has a nice sour kind of smell, that's fairly hard to explain. I really liked the balanced high, and the smooth smoke that wasn't harsh on my throat, but I was expecting more of a fruity "purple" strain, when in reality it's closer to "green crack" than anything else in my opinion.
The buds look beautiful. They're very well trimmed, and they were grown and cured perfectly, with a strong, mid-length high. This strain is definitely one I'd recommend. (8/10 AAAA)


Pink Candy
This Pink Candy had the best smell of the bunch. Super pungent, sweet floral smell that I personally couldn't get enough of. The batch was leafier than I'd have liked, and the bud structure leaves a little bit to be desired, but the smell, the taste, and the high made this one of my favorites of the bunch. It's not quite as good as the Purple Green Goddess, and doesn't look as appealing as some of the other strains, but it definitely was a heavy hitter. It loses some points for it's less than stellar bag appeal, and bud structure, but gains a couple back because goddamn did I love the smell and flavor. (7/10 AAA)


Purple Diamond
This in my opinion, was the standout strain of the bunch. It didn't smell quite as great as the Pink Candy, but it was better in every other way. It has a stronger high that lasts longer, it was grown better, trimmed better, cured better and the bud structure is nicer. The bag appeal on this one was unbelievable, and honestly for 150/oz before sale price, I couldn't believe how strong this strain was. It had the strongest, and highest lasting high of all the Indicas in this batch, and was by far my favorite to smoke. It has that awesome fruity "purple" smell that I love so much, and if I still had more of this strain, I'd still be smoking it as I typed this review. 8.5/10 AAAA for me.


Tom Ford's Pink Kush Shatter
I wish I could've gotten a good picture of this stuff, but the color is so light it doesn't really show up well in pictures. It has a nice flavor, and vapes extremely well. I've never seen shatter that was so light in color, but it has a strong high and tastes great so I can only assume the color isn't a problem. It's not the best shatter I've smoked, but it did it's job, and it did it well. 7/10 AAA

Incentive for Customers:
Tons of mix and match discounts, great bulk pricing and I'm pretty sure there's some coupon codes floating around if you look for them.

Incentive for Review:
I was sent a couple extra grams, and a little bit of shatter. Not sure if those were review incentives, or a Christmas gift.

This isn't my first review of BWIB, and I'm really impressed by how they've been using customer feedback to improve their business model. The new layout is much cleaner, and easier to look at, and the site as a whole seems to be improving over time.

Re: AimOrDie's BulkWeedInbox Multi-Strain Review!

Keyll wrote:
Sat Jan 05, 2019 4:25 pm
Awesome high quality review! Great photos and presentation. If you didn't tell them you were reviewing, it's probably a gift; if you told them you were, consider it incentive? Those Fruity Pebbles have beautiful coloration... wow...
Thanks for the kind words! I really appreciate the feedback. I love the color on the Fruity Pebbles, and the smell was incredible. I just wish it had been grown and trimmed better.

I definitely mentioned beforehand that I'd be reviewing, but it's not my first order with them, or my first review of them, it just happens to be the first time they've sent a bunch of extras. I'd assume it was a Christmas gift.

Re: AimOrDie's BulkWeedInbox Multi-Strain Review!

Keyll wrote:
Sat Jan 05, 2019 6:28 pm
I think it's fair that you mentioned it, but yeah, seems kinda like a Christmas gift especially since the strain was the same as the one you bought! Just like 'here's a bonus two ounces' rather than 'here is a strain we want you to review', I assume they'd have sent something different in that case.
I think you mean grams, haha. I purchased the 2 ounces of Sour Diesel along with 9 other ounces, and was sent an extra few grams.
But yeah, exactly, I figured if it was review incentive it'd be different strains.