Speedgreens Dec 28 Order And sample Review

Mom Name: Speedgreens

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

Sign Up: I have one previous order with so I already had a profile so no need to resign. Otherwise it’s standard MOM sign in. Need ID upon order confirmation email.

Ordering and Pricing: Their website is fairly easy to navigate. Selection is vast, from flower, edibles, concentrates and accessories. Pricing is average I find for quads, AA is good quality as well for sale priced items. I paid full price on my first order so I had a credit with them for this one. First timers usually have some sort of discount going on.

Communication: I had emailed them upon receiving and reviewing my first order so I replied back about credit for this one. No issues handling that and they threw in 3x samples without me asking for review. Excellent service.

Packaging: I am sure everyone has seen they excellent bottles with Boveda packs with cool labels(with warning labels) 5x medium size bottles, 3x a gram each and 2 with 7g, and a larger bottle with 28g.
Came in white box, one sealed bag with another vacuum sealed bag with the goods in that. Triple protection. Excellent.

Products: I purchased 28g AA Death Bubba based on another review, on sale for $119 (currently out of stock). For the price I couldn’t pass it up and based on my last purchase I needed more weed this time. Buds are huge mostly, dense, orange hair lead down to crystal centres. Smells of a BC pine forest and is rather smooth for what they say is AA. Nice high as well. Not a full couch lock but relaxing. A little dry at first, in glass jars has improved, trim is AA with some leaves but still solid.
AAAA Funky Skunk 7g. Wanted something I have not tried and was not disappointed. The buds are nice and stinky, subtle floral/fruit and are mostly larger. Breaks up fluffy. Super smooth smoke and a get up and go feel then a nice relaxing mood later on. Been mixing this with the DB during the day and it’s beautiful.
AAAA Platinum Blackberry 7g. Based on my last purchase I wanted a mix of those purple and berry notes and this one knock it out. A bit gasssy and sweet berries on exhale. Awesome high, got right wrecked, then had phenomenal sex with the wife, slept amazing. Gonna steer toward SG berry strains in the future as they have been great. The buds are bright green and purple. Covered in frost.

1g Samples for review: Burmese Kush AAAA. This one surprised me. Looks can be deceiving. It’s super green with not much hairs on the outside but when broken up it’s brighter green with a few hints of purple at the stems. Smooth smoke, pine finish. Balanced high, nice and warm all over.

Sweet Tooth AAAA. Bud had super dense feel but broke up wasn’t super sticky, but still clumped together. Tasted sweet for sure, not quite berries but more tropical fruit and flowers. Another balanced feeling from head to body. Would buy just to see more buds.

Blueberry Nuken AAA. Best of the sample IMO. Solid bud. Good greens and purple. Tastes of blueberries, pine and gas, lovely combo. Knocks me on my ass. But not to sleep right away. Lift off first for an hour or more then smooth jello come down sink into couch or bed type vibe. Would be great mid range buy.

3x Hybrid Prerolls. 2 were free with purchase over $179, other with with code from card in first order. Have not tried them, they are huge bats I am not sure I could handle on my own. The tubes are nice though. Child safe doob tubes.

Incentive for Customers: New customers usually receive some sort of deal. Repeat customers as well. Free shipping on orders over $99. From the 8x AAAA I have tried from SG they have a great selection at that range. Budget AA have been good to me so far. The concentrate line looks good and other reviews say good things about the budders.

Incentive for review: This is only my second review. I merely mentioned to SG that I had put up a review and they kindly sent the above samples to try. I would never ask or expect anything from any MOM but it was a great tastes of the offerings they have.

Notes: SG are running low!! Not a bad thing I guess but waiting can be a good thing. Most AA are gone but the AAA and AAAA seem to be there. Lots of new strains coming in I have seen. If there are any other MOMs out there that can match the packaging of SG let me know cause I’d love to compare. That’s what gets them high marks. Just well taken care of product. Thanks again.
Pics will be forth coming below.