SpeedGreens Review: concentrate variety deal

Speed Greens
Overall rating: 9/10

Order: 16g Everest Extracts (Blueberry Nuken, Jack Herer, Death Bubba, Pink Nuken, Space Cookies, Maui Waui, Golden Pineapple)
Freebies: 3.5g Dutch treat (AA), 1g Romulan (AAAA), 1g Duke Nuken budder, 1g God's Green Crack honeycomb, 4 pre-rolls (2S, 2I)

Sign up: Straightforward registration, asked for uploaded photo of ID, and email verification.

Ordering & Pricing: Chose this place because they provided a shatter variety pack and I always like to try new strains. User-friendly website, good selections at competitive prices especially with their newcomer discount.

Communication: Got immediate order confirmation, were quick to respond to emails, and always very friendly and helpful.

Packaging: Came in a discreet box and sealed in a silver air-tight envelope. All of the shatter came in resealable sachets. Slight mistake in the order in that we got 3 sachets of one strain and 1 of another when it should have been 2 and 2.

Blueberry Nuken: 9/10
Best of the lot! Most flavourful shatter that I've tried. Strong blueberry with sweet note makes for a really enjoyable smoke. Snaps off nicely making it easy to use. Easy smoke, hits like a train through my Siaonara. Indica effects set in a couple of hours, making it a nice evening choice.

Jack Herer: 7/10
The three sachets of this one were quite inconsistent in texture. Two of them snapped nicely and smoked cleanly. Found that the third one buddered up and while the terpenes came out a bit more, there was a slightly gassy note on the end. A nice uplifting, heady smoke, but it doesn't stand out amongst the group.

Death Bubba: 7/10
Only got one sachet of this one (instead of the 2 I ordered), but it was a nice clear, golden colour with a clean snap. Really nice skunky, earthy flavour, true to description. Overall decent smoke, but tend to be a fan of the fruiter flavour profiles, so this rating is based on personal preference there. Those who like those more weedy flavours in their concentrates will enjoy this one.

Pink Nuken: 9//10
On par with it's blueberry cousin. Definitely a fan of the Nuken varieties and Pink Nuken delivers a beautifully sweet, floral taste matched with a very potent and enjoyable buzz that makes it my go to. Gorgeous golden glass-like squares, one sachet was quite fragmented when received.

Space Cookies: 6/10
The most uninspiring of the lot. Very little flavour to differentiate it. It's potency matches the others, but the actual smoke is much less enjoyable. The consistency of the shatter itself was good.

Maui Waui: 8/10
First came across this strain when ordering bud and quickly fell in love with it. I was really excited to see it as an option and was not disappointed. The fruity Hawaiin flavours experienced in the bud were not matched in the shatter, but it still had a fruit, earthy profile that was really light and enjoyable. It's a creative, uplifting high that makes it a favourite of mine. It's definitely on my reorder list alongside the Nukens.

Golden Pineapple: 6.5/10
Both of these sachets were very frosty upon arrival which made it much more difficult to handle. The grainy texture stuck to everything including it's plastic wrapping. I was pretty excited for this one but overall quite disappointed, the flavour wasn't really there for me and the high, while potent, didn't stand out.

3.5g Dutch treat (AA): 7/10
A really pleasant smoke for an AA, sweet flavour and uplifting effects, but the high was short-lived. Quite leafy, loose nugs with fair bit of stem.

1g Romulan (AAAA): 9/10
Killer. I rarely spring for AAAA so this was an awesome unexpected freebie. Nice tight nug. The overriding flavour was earthy and pine that finished on a sweet note. The effects are true to indica. Quality really stood out among the buds that I usually purchase.

1g Duke Nuken budder: 8/10
A true wax with dark toffee colour. Strong skunky flavour that packs a punch and is highly contrasted to my usual shatter smoke. A nice change.

1g God's Green Crack honeycomb: 7/10
Couldn't really get a good read of this because there wasn't much provided in the container. Can't complain as it was a freebie, but makes reviewing it a little bit difficult, wasn't the gram it was marked as. Small, light golden coloured flakes, very dry. What I did get of it was nice enough.

4 pre-rolls (2S, 2I): 6/10
A nice freebie, but very dry, loosely packed rolls with large filters. Decent smoke and a nice addition to the order.

Incentive for Customers:
Advertised discounts/deals: 3.5g Dutch Treat (AA) bud, 4 pre-rolls
Free shipping over $99
New registration discount (%)

Incentive for Review:
No predetermined incentives, but SpeedGreens threw in some extras for me to add to my review which is always appreciated!

Overall very happy with the quality and price of these products. Best shatter deal I found that allows such selection at the prices offered and it looks like they are constantly offering new strains. Everest Extracts seem good value for the price, especially considering discounts applied. High-quality stuff, only complaint would be that some of the grams sugared up. Happy with the shipping time and presentation, especially considering this was in the height of the Canada Post strike! Their customer service was great, will be ordering again.
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