The Green Ace first order reviewed.

I ordered my products on Dec 31, 2018 and hadn't been given any tracking info by Jan 3. So I replied to an email apparently from one of the owners asking if my order was shipped. He got back to me within 5 minutes saying that it already shipped and that their system was being upgraded that night and they will send me the tracking info "tonight". The next day still not having received the tracking info I emailed again asking if maybe they forgot to send the info last night, and got an email back about 8 hours later with all the tracking info and an apology for the delay. Once I got the package it came in a white plain box taped really well and then vacuum sealed inside. After opening the first sealed package of what was supposed to be 14 grams of Death bubba, I was disappointed to see that I was shorted a gram. I reweighed it about 5 times thinking I was mistaken but no it came out 13 every time. I have yet to open the other 14 gram pack, but when I do I will update. So I then opened my normally $45 skittles shatter on sale for $35 and again was kind of disappointed to say the least, The picture of the product on the site did not match what I had received. I uploaded their pic and mine so you can judge for yourself. As for the free gifts included, well I got the free 2 grams but did not receive the pack of free papers, I don't really care about that but figured I'd let you guys know. All in all I don't think i'll be using The Green Ace again.