Getkush Review

8.5/10 First time ordering from a mom chose a half oz of Wedding Cake (AAAA) from the Top Shelf section. The process was easy and stress free. Paymemt was received quickly and it shipped the next day as I placed my order later at night. Package arrived a day earlier than expected which was awesome, all together it took 3 business days to get it. When the package got here it was in a solid box inside it was vaccumed sealed and the Wedding Cake was in a nice re-sealable bag. Once opened I was greeted with a mild sweet & spicy scent. The smell wasn't as strong as I had hoped though and the buds (medium to small sized with a bit of shake) were quite dry. The smoke was mild and tasty, again not as terpy as I would have hope but the high packs a solid punch. Felt it in the head and the body pretty evenly and at first it feels quite energetic. Then as I started to come down I felt extremely relaxed and pretty sleepy. All in all my experience was pleasant and I am decently satisfied in the product, can't say just yet if I'd purchase from them again because of the dryness but I do reccomend you try them out at least once as the strain selection is quite good and the prices are extremely fair with great deals if youre a bulk buyer.

Incentive: No incentives for this review but I did get a free pre-roll as a gift!

P.S this is my very first review for just about anything so go easy on me lol
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