Weedsmart -New Year Order - Lots of Concentrates(Wax/Resin/Shatter) + Lots of Bud Variety & Two Vape Pens

MOM Name Weedsmart.ca

Overall rating out of 10: 9.5/10 I have fallen in love with this MOM groups buy 3 get 1 ounce deal , As well they do from time to time have some of the best deals on nice clean burning , smooth tasting bud that packs a punch!, I am especially happy with the price/% ratio off during this order!!.

Sign Up: Simple enough sign up process , click , send ID and await approval

Ordering & Pricing: Simple enough ordering process as always click on product you want , pay your cart transfer funds like usual, pricing is above and beyond fair especially with their additional 15% off discount code

Communication: Great comms via email

Packaging: Perfect layered packaging inside of a box was a vac seal and separate labelled packaging . Nice almost lip balm esq container

Products / Photos: https://imgur.com/a/7stllMM

Incentive for Customers: Free 3G or pre rolls on sign up, discord10 will get 10% off,

Incentive for Review: Nah , I used discord10 and got the buy 3 get 1 during the holidaze season though very happy with the additional 15% they had during that period and gained lots of goodies for a very nice price point !

Notes: Overall this Mom group is very good for a variety of products and usually have a fair deal on they were offering 15% off on top of other deals. I jumped on this and ordered some concentrates, vape pens, as well as a nice variety of Marijuana flower!, I was very impressed with the quality of the products , I have never tried these type of concentrates and vape pens prior to this order and was very pleasantly surprised!

My order consisted of 2x Phyto 2.0 Vape pens 1x Watermelon & 1x Root Beer, Then I opted in for 3x Nuken Live Resin 2x Blackberry OG Live Resin and last but not least on the concentrates list I have never tried before this order was 2x Zed Honeycomb

Watermelon Vape - Was a nice dose of fruity bliss with every pull on the vape, It comes pre charged and pre filled no need to re charge it as it will be gone by the time you would need to charge it anyways!, These are great for on the go , Work , School , Bus , Going to the shitter grab one of these kidder!!, Lol nah but for real, These are great pre loaded vapes that can be smoked around normally weary areas to smoke and have a pain free fruity vape sesh! .. Solid taste and effect I wasn't expecting much from these pens but got a decent lift and was pretty impressed to say the least , Though next time I will opt for a less flavored vape more of a straight marijuana flower taste kind of guy!.

Root Beer Vape - Can't say much about this that wasn't said above except it wasn't fruity it was a beautiful mouth watering root beer float in your throat with the fluffy frothing beverage It's a smooth vape nice tasting very calming effects and a nice subtle root beer profile very nice and mild relaxed feeling of euphoria from these pens with the added bonus of smoking them legit anywhere with out major issue, I gave this one as a Chrismtas gift so only tried it the once when I gave it to the receiving party.

10/10 for what they were and the lift I got :)!

Zed Honeycomb - This was a different type of concentrate then I am used to smoking or handling it was more sticky and a slight texture difference though when put it into a vape my S/O and I also wanted to try it in a joint , it has a very nice pure concentrate taste and a very smooth inhale and very potent mouth watering taste bud dripping exhale that nearly made me cough and struggle to get the huge cloud of smoke out. Though I did love this product I honestly have to say I sometimes prefer to deal with a shatter or even a live resin vs the honeycomb 9/10 for taste , 10/10 for effect,

Blackberry OG Live Resin - This was a solid 10/10 I hate to even say that as I hope it does not sell out too quick,, This stuff right here I had smoked probably in 2 days.. I just could not stop loading my vape pen up with it and truly enjoying the not to overpowering and not "Fake" terp taste I truly enjoyed this one and the subtle difference in quality and taste vs other "Berry" branded concentrates and "pre filled pens" I have tried I can honestly say this one stood out to me with the pure golden color and just amazing blissful taste with every pull of the vape!!.. This .. This is heaven!!! Imho 10/10 Lmk what you think!!?> 10/10 All day!!

& Then there was one
last but not least
Nuken Live Resin - This stuff was a solid contender with the Blackberry for potency and taste it has a very nice mild fruitiness but very under tone type of feel and a none over powering effect still a joy to have hit the taste buds and search for the type of feeling that is left .. I almost can't explain.. I mean it was a solid contender for first place in my book .. The pure color of a light orange/golden hue live resin it speaks volumes from smell and feel from the first sight!.. But when you get that first pull in your lungs it's truly where the line is drawn and you say to yourself .. Aww yes!.. This this is where I want to be :)!.. Very nice mild undertones of fruit and powerful gassiness to the exhale a very nice combo effect Very close in taste and effect to the BlackBerry both very nice potent concentrates 10/10!!

Hurricane Shatter (Aura Extract):
This one I have never had it has very nice uplifting effect with a very nice blend of mild fruit tones and a sweet citrusy sativa taste and buzz, Very nice and energizing while being euphoric enough to help you stay calmed yet focused and enjoy the pure sativa buzz from this strain, Very solid smoke with a nice potent sativa taste and smooth inhale potent and smooth exhale very nice combo on this shatter with a big taste and big buzz! 9.5/10

Concentrate: Overall 10/10
Marijuana Flowers: Overall 9/10 on this batch

Plat OG: A Very classic OG strain that I would honestly have to say has a nice full bodied dense bud structure a the nice classic OG taste and smell profile one of which very reminiscent of the old OG KUSH from years ago with that very similar taste and smell from my past experience I would say this is a 9/10 and very deja vu type of smoke!

Plat Bubba: This one I have had a few times this time was a decent smoke it smelled really good right out of the bag it was a nice sized bag with full sized luscious buds there was a nice very similar Bubba kush type of smell , I really liked this strain and plat OG mixed together I don't know why but I found it gave them both a nice added kick and taste I have grown to love! 9/10

Snoop Dogg OG: This was a top favorite of mine very unique nose and typical dank tight bud of an old school OG strain with a very nice surprisingly potent gas smell that waffs you In the face as well the taste to this one is unforgettable , I was in heaven after smoking a fat blunt of this strain I could tell I loved it because of the nice potent taste and the smell from the first puff it was pure bliss very stinky stuff!. I loved it 100% would recommend trying this if your a gas type of fan or an old school gassier type of OG fan! 10/10 on this one!!

Blueberry AK: This was my first time trying out the Blueberry A.K. this one was a nice change , Has a very unique taste and smell at first I was kind of hesitant on this one but once I tried it a few times I actually have found it has grown on me, I love the fact it is a hybrid and you can for sure feel the mixed effect and so called "best of both worlds" buzz this one has a very nice skunky blueberry smell and slightly reminded me of a blue dream type of strain!. I would buy this one again after trying it out for the last little bit and have been very happy for choosing this one over the blue dream strain! 8.5/10

Ice Wreck: I've tried this one previously and decided to try out a full ounce for this order and to get myself up to the three ounce limit for the fourth free ounce, I am a big fan of this it is a nice almost refreshing smoke has a nice clean taste semi big buds and a nice almost icyness to the inhale but not overpowering and just subtle enough for it to be noticeable and enjoyable! , I would recommend trying this one if you like refreshing icy type of smoke not harsh at all yet still strong and potent enough to be enjoyable , I really liked this one mixed in a joint or bowl with other strains to get the best taste and effects imho!. 8/10

Chem Valley Kush(FREE OUNCE PROMO!): Loved this smoke was a smooth tasting and very calming classic kush smell and taste, It has very nice properties to the flower burns clean and tastes great for what it is I would say it was a nice cross between a purple or bubba kush mid flavor and potency similarities I look for and love!. No complaints here I would for sure 100% buy this if it was a fair price on sale or to be able to get it for free again would be a nice win as well 10/10 for the cost of buy 3 get 1 I really have fallen in love with this one because of the added bonus it was the fourth & free ounce :)

Aura Extract: Gummies these gummies were peach flavor though I did get one red gummy in the pack these were a nice size and amount I found little effect as edibles do not do much for me , So I gifted them with some of the flower and the other Root Beer vape pen, the person who ended up with them was totally in AWE as they have never had an edible prior and I guess with some other smoke and a long days work they just needed a half or full one at the most to get them to where they wanted to be comfortable!. So since I can't say for sure based on the fact I do not notice edibles much personally, I will go by what the person who these were acquired for has said and they told me they had a great experience and would rate them a 10/10 I can't base a fair unbiased rating on this package of edibles my self but I can say they worked for a low to mild level daily smoker!. They do have a nice taste and I am sure if I ate more I would have felt an enjoyable mild buzz but I only had one and decided to give them to someone for a gift!