Apexsupply - Mimosa

Ordered 1oz of Mimosa from Apexsupply during his New Year's sale.

Received my shipment within two days after payment was sent/received.

Packaging was non-descript and scent free.
The Mimosa was packaged neatly.

Big buds, amazing nose - citrusy and sweet; even just smelling it was just uplifting.

Ground up very nicely. I vape my product, so off both my wife and I went. Flavour profile was very interesting in a positive way - each of our palates are very different: I tasted creme brulee and grapefruit; she tasted jasmine green tea and flowers. Very appealing and pleasing.

Mentally, very uplifting for spirits and mood. Physically, no couch lock, but my compressed disc in my lower back was pleasantly numbed. My wife said colours and light were a lot more vivid.

I enjoyed the product immensely. Quality was definitely high. My wife said it sets the bar really high for other product, especially if someone were to experience this as their first strain.
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