My Green Solution - House Distillate, Jedi Kush, Purple Space Cookies

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Signed up a while back, don't really remember, but seems pretty typical.

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Regular order process. The distillate was $75 for 3ml on sale, which is a great price for distillate.

Communicating with these guys is kinda funny. You can tell there are two people with two very different attitudes toward business. I initially emailed saying I would be reviewing this purchase and asked for a mix of distillate syringes, and for some samples if possible--the first person who responded simply told me they would "probably not remember," and to next time add it to the order notes because "that's what it's there for." That response was not very welcome, memory shouldn't have much to do with running a business. However, I was later contacted by a different person saying that they would be happy to mix the syringes and pop in some samples, which they did. However, if they mixed the syringes, I can't tell, as there is no labeling to let me know which is which. :/

Packed in a box, then a vacuum sealed bag, no smells, very discreet. The two samples were packed in small mylar bags, one of which contained a boveda pack, so one sample was fairly fresh, and the other fairly dry. The distillate syringes are actual glass; best quality I've had.

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House Distillate:
Very nice flavor on the one I have opened. It's got a candy-like sweetness to it, and it hits nice and hard just as distillate should. The high is fairly potent and lasts maybe 20 minutes from a small dab, which is on point with other house distillates I have tried. Perhaps not the strongest distillate available, but you really can't go wrong with distillate of this quality at $75/3ml. **8/10**
Purple Space Cookies:
The PSC is the sample that came with a boveda pack, so it was a tad more fresh than the Jedi Kush. Very cool heavy purple coloration, flowery scent and taste, good trim, quite frosty, cure is good (bit of squish). My tolerance is through the roof and I almost never T-Break, so potency is tough for me, I guess I'd say this would come in around AAA-, the high is a nice, great for daytime, not too intoxicating but has a good head lift (quite spacey, as its name implies) and bit of a body stone. High lasted maybe 30-45 minutes off of a small bowl, nice clean white ash. PSC is a fairly psychoactive strain, my senses felt slightly heightened. **7/10**
Jedi Kush:
No boveda pack with this sample, so it was a good bit more dry than the PSC, but not BONE dry. The nose and flavour on this one was gassy, it has a a good coating of crystals, and it hits harder than the Purple Space Cookies. It's also a bit more coughy and harsher on the throat than the PSC, and this could be due to the dryness, the potency, or a bit of both. Jedi has a classic kushy high--nice relaxing body stone, pain management, appetite stimulation, maybe a bit of the giggles. This sample was approaching more the potency I am used to (and prefer), and I would order this over the PSC, not just for potency, but I prefered the high... more relieving/relaxing. **8.5/10**
Incentive for Customers:
Can't remember.

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Was provided small samples of PSC and Jedi Kush.

I am currently using Coastal Wildfire's, Death Bubba as my comparison model for quad strains, and neither of these samples came close to that quality of cure, freshness or potency, but they were decent, and I'd probably pay as much as $175oz for the Jedi. IMO, most MOMs should make an order from Coastal Wildfire to sample a TRUE quad, then edit their price points to reflect the difference,