Pacific cannabis sample reviews

MOM Name Pacific Cannabis

Overall rating out of 10: 8/10

Ordering & Pricing: I recieved 5 samples to review

Communication: Usually active on ig or discord

Packaging: heat sealed mylar bags

Products: Sour Tangie,Green Gods Crack,
White Castle,Lemon Thai Kush,Lemon Haze

Sour tangie The nose on the strain is amazing it has that awesome typical sour lemoney smell that tangie has the buds are nice and solid and pretty caked the taste is exactly like the smell nice lemon/ orange citrus taste with nice and smooth smoke the buzz is a sativa leaning buzz but with some indica effects

Green Gods Crack, this was a heavy hitter it was a indica dom from what i could tell it had heavy indica effects with mostly couch lock properties i found i didnt want to move after smoking, The nose was very earthy with some hints of that gas smell wich i love the taste was the same as the smell with a nice smooth smoke with mostly clean ash

White Castle, This has amazing smell kind of like a sweet smell with a flowery smell also similar to the sugar cookie strain i had before the bud is pretty frosty and good humidity found it to be idica leaning with a mostly couch lock buzz wich i love

Lemon Thai Kush, i found this strain awesome if u like sativa the smell is very lemoney with some earthy tones the bud is very dense and a bit sticky the buzz was very energetic immediatly after smoking i had so much energy i just wanted to move around the smoke was very smooth and clean ash

Lemon Haze, This strain was a heavy hitting sativa with very energetic effects it had my talking and babbling all day the smell was a bit lacking with this strain it had a faint lemoney smell also the buds structure was pretty lacking but the buzz was good and the smell was good but faint the ashes were also clean

Overall the prices for the quality are amazing they are def priced right for the qualitys

Re: Pacific cannabis sample reviews

Ive personally ordered from them numerous of times. These guys come out with one of the best services out here in canada from where im from. My order came within less than 3 days, the quality of the strains is amazing for the price range that they give! I highly recommend there new strain if you guys want a upbeat high The Sour Tangie!

Re: Pacific cannabis sample reviews


Packaging - 7.5/10 (Sealed nicely with no hint of smell)

Presentation - 8.5/10 (Label, Sticker, Bag, Buds in the bag all in tack)

Product - 9/10 (Buds)

Smell - 8.8/10 (The buds had a high quality smell to them. Very potent smell)

Customer Service - 9/10 (These guys reply fairly quickly, I ordered an 0z of one of there strains and 15 gummies, they had 10 left and they added in there herbivore Package in for free. Compensated me very well)

Pricing - 8.5/10 (If you catch them on there Promo days like i did on there christmas sales you can get some pretty awesome deals)

Overall i recommend Pacific Cannabis definetly will be ordering from these guys again