BulkWeedInBox - January Sample Pack Review


Overall rating out of 10:9/10

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Ordering & Pricing:
Ordered a sample pack consisting of 8 time 3,5g of pre-selected weed for 140$ before rebate ( see below)


Each strains came in a resealable bag, all these bags where is a big vacuum sealed bag that was in a box

Products / Photos:
All strains were vaped with a Solo 2 at 200C

Texada Timewarp
Smell remembered me Orange Crush but with the "soda" element really dampened. Really nice sativa high without being too stimulant. Nugs were not really large but kinda long and crystallized. Taste is really sweet and fruity without being too much on the lemon side. Humidity and trimming were fine.

Fruity Pebbles
Really nice colorful nugs and powerful fruity smell. Unfortunately this one was a bit dry but a boveda should fix this. Really subtle piney taste otherwise this is a sweet and easy to smoke weed but nothing really stands out on the taste side nor on the High side. I would recommend it to people that cough easily and that wants killer display buds as these are just beautiful. Maybe i'll change my mind once the boveda has been there for a couple of days.

Island Sweet Skunk
Dense nugs with a really nice fruity skunk smell. Good skunk taste mixed with sweetness, nice smoke quantity and density. Trimming was pretty good. Classic sativa high. One of the best sativa of the pack for me.

Scout Master
Really pungent and generating a good amount of smoke. Nice woody taste with a kick on the exhale. Trimming and humidity were good. My other favorite for the sativas.

Orange Creamsicle
Dense and resinous buds. Really strong orange/citrus smell. I personally don't really like this strain as this is too much on the citrus side for me but that's personal preference. Trimming and humidity were perfect.

Darthvader OG
The best Indica of the pack, buds were having nice colors and many crystals. Taste is unique and powerful. Classic heavy Indica high that relax you. I strongly recommend it.

Pink Kush
Beautiful leafy nugs with crystals everywhere. Really strong smell and taste, basically the only strain of the pack that made me cough due to the massive amount of smoke and taste it generate. I really liked it but i would not recommend it to casual smokers.

Master Kush
Buds were smalls and not trimmed really nicely but were resinous and hard. Since the 2 other Indicas are really nice this one doesn't stands out but is having a pleasant woody taste.

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Had 200 points (20$) at signup but i think it is now over, can get 10% off on the first order or 5% after if you signup to the mailing list

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I'm normally ordering my stuff from TWM but wanted to try BWIB as the monkey is closed until the 15th. Got this sample pack as the price was pretty good and i like to try new strains as much as i can. I'm really happy so far with the quality of the samples, most of them were sticky and had a nice smell. I should order 3oz next week and will review it too to confirm if the quality is the same.