AimOrDie's GreenGod Review! Sweet God, Strawberry Cough, Holy Grail and Purple Urkle

AimOrDie's GreenGod Review

Overall rating out of 10:
The site is set up well, the product is fantastic and customer service was great,9/10

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Sign up is standard and simple. ID required.

Ordering & Pricing:
Ordering is the same checkout system as anywhere else, prices are a little high compared to other places, but the quality of the product speaks for itself.

Communication was great, I spoke with Percy multiple times, and response times were decent. Percy himself is very friendly, and easy to deal with.

Packing was fantastic. Honestly maybe a little too good for me. Ended up just ripping the box open instead of trying to cut all the tape, I'm not a very patient person. Inside of a standard, extremely well taped box, was a sealed mailer with my four heat sealed 3.5g bags. One of the most discreet packages I've received.

Products / Photos:
Sweet God
This strain has a fantastic sweet smell, with a great honey-like taste to go along with it. The trim is impeccable, it was cured perfectly, and it smokes extremely well. Very smooth smoke with a nice clean burn.
The nugs are very frosty, and covered in trichomes, the size isn't amazing as they're all around .5-1g so they're not very big, but they're dense, and quite potent.
The high was a very strong indica high, and while it has that laziness inducing couch lock effect, it also is fairly cerebral and thought provoking.
Probably not the best strain for productivity, but it is definitely great for lazing about on a gloomy afternoon and just hanging out.
I'd rate this strain a solid 9/10 AAAA I'd smoke it again without second thought, and enjoy every minute of it.

Strawberry Cough
Out of the 4 strains I received, this is my least favorite. That's not saying it's not a great strain, because it is. It's just my least favorite of the 4.
It has that classic pungent sweet, fruity smell that this strain made famous, with a taste that I'd compare to artificial strawberry candy.
The smoke isn't as smooth as the other strains, but it's still very clean, and has a pretty nice exhale.
My sample was trimmed very well, but many of the nugs were small enough to be considered popcorn, or at the very least, bottoms. It's cured well, quite potent and enjoyable to smoke, with a strong energetic, cerebral high that I'd suggest smoking before taking on creative projects. If you're an designer, musician, or an artist of some sort, this is the kind of strain I'd recommend to help find that creative spark.
I'd rate it a solid 7.5/10 AAA+ it's the only strain I received that I wouldn't consider a true quad, but it's definitely not far off.

Holy Grail
This is probably the 4th or 5th time I've smoked Holy Grail now, and this batch stands out to me as the best that I've tried.
This Holy Grail has an extremely strong earthy/pine smell, with a kind of floral exhale.
It smokes very nicely, extremely smooth inhale and exhale with clean white ash.
The trim is impeccable, it's almost impossible to find any leaf that isn't completely crystallized, and it's perfectly cured like all 3 of the other strains.
The high is very mellow and relaxing. Not quite the couch lock indica high of Sweet God, or the cerebral energetic high of Strawberry Cough, but somewhere in the middle of the both. Extremely enjoyable.
I'd rate this strain a fantastic 8.5/10 AAAA
Purple Urkle
I really enjoyed this strain, although I wish it had more of a fruity "purple" smell than it does.
Right out of the bag, this Purple Urkle has a very strong earthy smell with some fruity undertones. When broken apart, the fruity smell comes through much stronger.
The purple coloration on the bud looks fantastic, and the bag appeal is top notch.
Very strong indica high, this strain probably had the strongest couch lock feeling of the bunch, extremely enjoyable, and long lasting.
I'd rate this strain 8.5/10 AAAA as well. It would be impossible for me to choose between this and the Holy Grail if offered one or the other.
Incentive for Customers:
There is an affiliate program, a points and rewards system, and as far as I know you can receive 20% off of your first order just by signing up.

Incentive for Review:
The whole package was sent to me as a review incentive.

I really like GreenGod, and aside from their prices being a little higher than I'd like, the quality of every single strain sent was fantastic, I've never seen 4 different strains all trimmed so well, and I'd smoke any of them again without a second thought.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my review! I appreciate everyone who stuck around all the way until the end. Keep your eyes out for my next one!

Re: AimOrDie's GreenGod Review! Sweet God, Strawberry Cough, Holy Grail and Purple Urkle

Henderjo wrote:
Sun Jan 13, 2019 9:36 am
Good review, but not a fan of reviews off of free smoke, I'm curious I assume you approached them for the product to do the review? Do you do this with many mom's? Again good review though simple straight to point and short enough to keep my attention

Thanks for the kind words. I do approach some MOMs, and some MOMs approach me.
GreenGod stood out to me, as they didn't have many strains but they were all rated as a very high quality product. I've recently spent more money than I'm proud of on these reviews, as I'm sure you can imagine, it gets pretty expensive to place an order with every MOM that I come across just to do this, especially since so many of them could be fraudulent, so I approached them about a sample pack.
Sometimes I approach these businesses, and sometimes they approach me, I'll usually offer to at least cover the shipping fees or a part of the price for whatever is sent to me for free regardless of who approaches who, even though almost nobody ever takes that offer.

Vdubb wrote: Yeah I’d like to see a review from a paying customer before I order.

Purple Urkle looks good, its one of my fav strains.
Lots of my reviews are of products I paid for myself, including a review of TheHighClub that should be coming this week.

I really liked the Purple Urkle. I kinda thought it'd have a fruitier smell than it did, but it seems to be a pretty unique purple strain.
If the product they're actually pushing is similar to the sample pack, I'd definitely recommend trying it but I understand being wary of free samples.

Quadzilla wrote: So you received a free 1/2 oz to do this review, very generous of them.

It is indeed very generous, especially since I considered most of these strains AAAA. I did not expect to receive as much as I was sent.
However,, these things take a lot of time, and can genuinely help spike interest in a company which can be quite lucrative for them.
After one of the first reviews that I posted, the owner contacted me thanking me for the sales boom they received the day after, and said their top shelf product was flying faster than it ever had before.
I feel like posting reviews, specifically on CanadianMOM can really help these businesses grow if the product speaks for itself well enough, and some of them agree.