ApexSupply • Mixed Popcorn & Sour Master Cookies

MOM Name: ApexSupply


Overall rating out of 10: 10/10

Sign Up:
Order was made through discord, so no sign up.

Ordering & Pricing:
Ordering was extremely easy. I sent a message to Raw asking if he had pricing for smaller amounts (14g vs 28g). Not a problem! I told him what I was looking to spend, and that I wanted something heavier for pain. He had me set up and ready to go not long after!
Flowers start at $100/ounce, and head up to $270/ounce for AAAA+. Seems to be the typical for most places.

Raw is great to work with. He let me know right away when he was shipping, and he was on top of FedEx when they messed up.

Basic white mailer box taped at all the edges. No smell until cutting the vacuum sealed bag inside. Both the popcorn and the sour master cookies came in jars, which I was not expecting but got really excited about.

Products / Photos:

Mixed High End Popcorn (AAA/Exotics):

I can’t decide if this is more fun for me to pull out and go through the buds smelling and admiring each one. Or if it’s more fun to smoke.
There’s all sorts of craziness going on here. Pulled out the first bud to bust it up, and it smelt like coffee. The second one had flecks of purple. The third smelt like gas and was lighter than the previous two... mystery jar of awesome.
Everything smokes really smoothly, and some of the flavours come out more in the smoke (like coffee!!!). It’s pretty decent for pain, but it’s amazing for appetite. I maaaay have eaten 1/4 of a cheesecake last night smoking this.
Overall rating: 4.5/5

Sour Master Cookies (AAA+):
I’ll be honest, I squealed when I pulled this out. I knew I was getting SMC but I didn’t know it was in a jar, or fancy. Of course, this is what I grabbed first to smoke.
Opening the jar smells like opening a bag of sour candies. I wanted to eat it, but that defeats the purpose, so I busted it up instead. There’s still the sour smell, but it’s more pine and gas. Yum.
I have to be careful smoking this, and then doing things. It’s definitely a heavy hitter, and stronger than what my tolerance is used to. Amazing for pain, but bad for trying to think.
Overall rating: 5/5

Incentive for Customers:
None that I know of.

Incentive for Review:

I base my ratings on how I enjoyed each product, if it worked well for me, and if it meets my description of the A-AAAA system. I’m not a pro, just a stoner with a lot of medical issues.