Cheapweed white kush&Durban posion

White kush: the white kush had alot of larger to medium sized nugs which I'm a huge fan of, a sweet pungent aroma that is very pleasureable to smell every time I open the jar! A solid sense bud texture.

The indica buzz on this one is super heavy it caught me by surprise smoking it early in the day before I went to the gym but this stuff had me couchlocked and calling it a rest day haha

Durban posion was a sativa I always wanted to smoke and even though it was cheaper than the white kush I was just as satisfied with it(probabaly the hype of wanting it so long)

soon as I smoke a fat joint early in the day I can feel the euphoria rise and I can get on with my day with a smile but without the intense body load that would come with a heavy hitting indica like the white kush. (The odd bud slightly scrappy but 85% of nugs beautiful and purple inside and out) with a fluffier bud texture and a deep purple smell

Also to note the customer service was superb especially considering it was right after the holidays I placed my order. Tony must have responded to 5-6 emails durning this process compared to the usual lucky 2 I might get with the majority of moms.

9/10 overall first experience with cw ! Thanks for welcoming me with open arms Tony! The hype is real here.