The Green Ace four strain review

MOM Name:
The Green Ace

Overall rating out of 10:
9/10 (I rounded this up because of the customer service)

Sign Up:
Standard, required ID, approval was quick

Ordering & Pricing:
Ordering was easy. I ordered the one ounce sampler. I got a q of Pineapple Express, a q of Blue Cap Crush, and a half O of Pink Bubba. There is always a coupon, or a sale going on, the prices are good for the quality. Got my tracking number a couple of days later. Great customer service

Ivan was great, he kept me up to date, answered my emails with in a couple of hours or less

Came in a plain white box, the bud was inside foil ziplock bags, inside of a sealed airtight bag. No smell whatsoever

Products / Photos:
Pineapple Express 9/10
The smell is sweet, fruity, definite pineapple! A delicious smoke with an energetic long lasting sativa high. I generally like heavy hitting Indicas, being a heavy user, but I really, really enjoyed this strain. Perfect for morning use. Burns nice and white, slightly harsh (but I find all pineapple strains harsh) nothing major though. I got a quarter, and the whole thing was three big sweet smelling frosted nuggets! A definite re-buy for me (I actually have more on the way) AAAA

Pink Bubba 9/10
The smell is sweet, earthy, floral, pine like. Not very pungent, but extremely nice. Very sticky, my grinder has problems with it. It is a very nice high, makes me very sleepy, relaxed, definite couch lock. Night time use for sure, can get some good sleep. The smoke is slightly spicy, but nothin major. Burns nice and white. I really enjoyed this one, really good price and will order again. Has quickly become one of my go to strains in my stash, I’m glad I doubled up on this one and got a half ounce. AAAA-

Blue Cap Crush 7/10
It smells sweet, definite berry, a bit of pine. And I also smelled a bit of fuel/diesel. I found the smoke a bit harsh, and the taste wasn’t for me. The buds are nicely caked, with a nice trim job. The ash was salt and pepper though. The fuel came through with a bit of berry, which I wasn’t a big fan off. The sativa high was good though (kinda confusing), but my personal taste could not get past the flavour. I have to talk myself in to taking more than a couple of bong hits. Will try to vape next. Not a reorder for me , AA+

Death Star (free two gram sample) 8/10
Very skunky, earthy, sweet, and pungent! The trim job is not the best, but it’s caked in crystals. It burns a bit dark, but I didn’t bother putting it in a jar with a boveda. The smell is strong, little harsh when smoked, but I really, really enjoyed the high. This was actually a very nice surprise considering. Might think of buying next time AAA-

Incentive for Customers:
Plenty of sales on selected ounces every week, always a coupon flying around. Free shipping after $150

Incentive for Review:
None, enjoyed the weed, good customer service
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