Pacific Cannabis Review

Pacific Cannabis

Overall Rating 8.5/10

Sign up : Sign up is simple and easy like most sites, no ID verification. Points rack up quick. Lots of promo codes sent through email so newsletter is a good option too.

Ordering/Pricing : Ordering is easy, site is easy to navigate which is a big thing for me i hate a site which has too much going on it hurts to look at lol. Minimalist design for website so most products n info is infront of you. Pricing is amazing which is the main reason i go to them, quality is always great compared to pricing. Sometimes quality is way better then their pricing so i try to take advantage of those strains until they run out.

Communication : Customer service is great, quick to respond if you contact them, never takes more then a day to get back to you. They gave me a warning that they will be revamping their website so if there are any bugs don't be too worried, pretty cool how they reached out. One of my orders was slow during holidays and i emailed them for an update and they said it was CP being a bit backed up and i completely understood and even though everything was settled and it wasn't their fault they gave me a box of joints for the delay which was really cool of them .

Packaging : Packaging came in nice gold mylar bags with a clear back side and strain specific label on it. Everything was vacuum sealed in a Canada Post xpress bubble wrap. Nice and Discreet. Their logo is sick hahah

Product/Review :
Sour Tangie 8/10
Awesome smell and look to this strain. Nice green and really fruity smell to it. Smoke was clear and smooth, high was light and uplifting, the kind of sativa you can go on with your day. I personally like the heavier sativa hybrids but i would just buy this just cause of the smell and feel of the buds. Only if you could smell it through the picture lol. Definite steal of the price AAA+

Lemon Thai Kush 7/10
This Sativa was good, it didn't look and smell as nice as the Sour Tangie but the high was a heavier sativa hybrid, which i like. Burn was decent, pretty fair for price. AAA+

Lemon Haze 9/10
Amazing strain, really nice dense nugs and the fruity smell of this is unreal. The nugs were dense enough that it looked only a bit more then a half OZ when i ordered a full one, thought they might of shorted me but it was on point. Burns clean like expected and high was what i really look for in a sativa hybrid, that nice deep high but not completely couch lock, still be able to enjoy my movie or game. AAA+

Gods Green Crack 7.5/10
Nice hybrid, nugs are dense like the lemon haze. Smoke is good and clean. Nothing really stood out for me on this strain, Seems like your standard AAA+ strain, everything is there that you want. Smells like a hybrid, smokes like a hybrid and high is nice. Good for the price. AAA+

Cookies Kush 6/10
Best word to describe this strain is "meh". Nothing great but not completely bad either. For the price i think it's definitely fair, I've had way worse $100 OZ from many places lol. Its a bulk item too so good for lots of uses, good buy if you're looking for cheap bulk or just looking for a cheap high and not really into taste/smoke. High is good, burn isn't too clear, taste is meh and only a bit rough on the throat which is what i liked from it considering its $100 OZ. Usually other places have worse quality for this price so meh lol. AA+

Incentive : They recently added putting reviews to get extra points to your account so i made this and a weedmaps one. Think the review here gave me 10% off

Notes : Overall great company, the people running it is awesome and the prices are definitely more then fair. I wish they carried a bit more quads, they said they are going to add more AAAA+ to their selection since they kind of dialed down on the AA - AAA quality.

Side note : Unrelated but did anyone else have problems making a long post? Every time i tried to add a photo to the post it would lag out and eventually i would just get logged out. I get logged out if i take too long.... which is hard as hell when you're making a long review lol. I kept having to save draft every section i made incase it logs me out and id try to save what i wrote already. Anyone know how to fix this let me know please :D
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Whoa that’s a long review. It must be nice to sit around spell checking that many paragraphs. I wish I had time but I have lots of girlfriends always bugging me lol. Are you by chance a writer of books? I took a quick look at the pictures and the ratings were helpful.

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crossjoint wrote:
Tue Jan 29, 2019 1:20 pm
Lol ok ill dial it down for you next time i make a review. Just wanted to make it detailed for my first review, guess people dont like it
Don't dial it down. Your review is great, and more people appreciate the detail than people who don't.

In the future, use imgur to fix the broken image links, but other than that, great job!

Re: Pacific Cannabis Review

It's a perfectly fine review, lots of other people love long reviews, you do you and write the review your heart tells you to. And ideally provides helpful information for anyone wanting to buy that strain or from that MoM. I thought it was a fine length. Cheers.