Weedsmart.ca - New products (Thc Honey Oil,vape pens x2. Edibles x2, Various new flower strains *Review*

MOM Name weedsmart.ca

Overall rating out of 10: 10/10

Sign Up: Very simple sign up process as always!

Ordering & Pricing: Ordering process was simple enough as usual. & The pricing was good for the quality of products received for sure,
*I also used a code but can't remember it atm,Will try to update soon when I find it*!

Communication:Great communication with this M.O.M. Service when needed

Packaging: Came sealed perfectly , Box , Vacuum sealed ,separate labelled packaging

Products / Photos: https://imgur.com/a/JPDrv16

Incentive for Customers: Buy 3 get 1 ounce is always a nice bonus too get!, Sign up you get 3G or 3 Pre Rolls , usually there is discount codes I always try out discord10 as I have gotten 10% since beginning buying with this M.O.M service, But hey whatever works ;)!

Incentive for Review: No direct incentive , Other then a quality service and product I forgot what discount code I used this time but discord10 was not working when I ordered so I checked the email I had gotten and used a code from it!


Vape Pens: So I ordered two vape pens this time one was a Smoke Bomb brand and the other was Toucan brand which is supposed to be a distillate pen I guess anyway they both are nice and easy to get a good haul from, My S/O and I were testing them out and split the package of Mango Gummies well needless to say we both had very blood shot eyes with a mild fit of the giggles.. Usually edibles don't do much but taking half the package and vaping quite a bit from a new to me method of intake was great (* We had not had distillate up until this point ever*)

Toucan : I got the Watermelon flavored toucan vape it came in a nice box which is great for carrying it around as well I found this vape "BB Tank style shorter and a littler rounder i'm not 100% if this one and the other are the same but similar" to be a smaller and slightly a bit better of a design I am unsure if this is a redesign to the tank/mouth piece but it seems to be a shorter pull to get a smoother and much more robust haul I found the distilatte in this pen to be relaxing and very calmingly satisfying experience I am not usually a vape fan but have found lately the newer brands have had a lot to offer 10/10 hope to try some other flavors from this brand

Smoke Bomb : I got the Green Apple "Smoke Bomb" branded vape pen I really enjoyed this one too and was glad I got the grenn apple one I was hoping it wasn't going to be to sour or over powering and it was honestly perfect and mild yet enjoyable to have the taste and effect I was looking for this pen also has a see through part where the liquid is I like that with a vape pen. I really love the newer style of pen like this and the other mentioned above, This one is labelled BB TANK and the other just looks similar I really really enjoy the satisfying big hauls you can get from such a little pen! 10/10 can't wait to try some more flavors in the future!!

THC Honey Oil : This is unique all in it's own I like to take a nice sized glob of it on the end of my finger and rub it on the back of my front teeth then put it on the tip of my tongue and smear it on the roof of my mouth kind of working it in to get the best absorption.. May be a weird way to do it but I enjoy the taste from this stuff as well as a nice mildly sedating effect that kind of creeps up on you, I really enjoy taking a little in the morning and some mid day! Would recommend this for pain and anxiety great product all around may see more in the future ;)

Lemon NYC Diesel: This is a nice mixture between two great classics a nice amount of lemon without the overpowering amount of it , It has a great diesel or gas type of taste too it as some refer to , I found this too be a nice relaxing smoke with a strong and pungent yet very clean burning smoke I really enjoy these types of strains!. 10/10 very solid buds nice smell and burns clean!

Northern Lights: Wow smoking this ones got me all like wowza I think Im seeing those lights in the sky .. Lol naw but for real.. I really enjoy this strain it's got a nice relaxing effect almost like a warm blanked being wrapped around you on the exhale, I found it to be very unique in taste and smell which is also I think why I enjoyed it so much has a mix of gas and class ;) lol that's my outlook on it and I am sticking to it!. This may end up in my cart a time or two again in the future!!

Green Crack: Classic Green Crack is one I like to add for the days I need a bit more of an uplifting effect, I guess also that's why I love hybrid crosses so much too. The Green Crack has always been one of those staple sativas for me that will always just seem to get me focused and help me on my merry way!, Nice smell and taste classic sativa!

Romulan Grapefruit: This is by far one of my new favorite strains I mean .. Just wow .. This one hit every check mark and then some has the effect I seek and the taste that makes your mouth water!, I found the mixture of mild sour citrus with the perfect amount of gas to it makes this one a true stand up and stand out!!.. By far a true 11/10 winner!! though the Lemon NYC was a very close contender for this spot as well both very killer strains mix them together in a joint for a true bliss experience!! A+ to the grower for real!

Death Bubba: This one is a true classic that always ends up in my orders one way or another it is by far a favorite in my household with my friends and also several of my family who are green friendly.. , So on to the bud the texture of this one was beautiful the smell amazing very sticky and dense also caked in crystal and very smooth gas on the inhale but also has that pungent stick to your tongue on the exhale "If you know what I mean it just is strong lol best way to put it" Very nice strain another A+ Top killer ;)

Plat Bubba: Another true classic that will always end up in my orders one way or another ;) , I just love these bubba strains and what they have to offer me as a somewhat heavy smoker they always pack that nice punch you in the face I some times need to calm me down at the end of a hectic day, SO this strain has a nice dense bud that is still fluffy to the touch the quality of the smoke is very nice and taste is pungent and very enjoyable some what reminiscent of a classic Bubba kush X ______.

Mango Gummies :Aura Extracts: had they previously and only tried one and gave the others away ,So this time the S/O and myself split 2 each right off and a bit of the THC honey oil.. Well that was a nice experience lol.. Anyway these gummies pack a very nice punch and I would strongly say they are made fairly accurate on the dosage labelled 50mg each I love the taste of these and find they have a very smooth mango taste!

Apple Jelly Bomb Gummy (8x10mg Doses it says):TwistedExtracts: This is a different one very strong Green Apple taste the S/O and I split it right in half and I can't tell as we smoked a lot of different strains today and various vapes etc.. So I would say if tried by itself it would likely give the effect you were looking for . Likely would be great for someone with a mid to medium tolerance as you can presumably bite it into eight little squares. So anyway the taste is decent for a weed gummy and is a little sour imho .. though my S/O severely disagrees lol

Well if you read all the way too here I appreciate and would love to have some comments , feedback , criticism appreciated though I am my own worst critic please be easy with me ;) LOL!

Always Smile &