Speedgreens - Alcapalo Gold, Platinum Blackberry, Platinum GSC

While I also bought Citrique again at this time, I'm going to feature it separately against King Tut's AAA Citrique! More savage than I usually am, but hey... :D
Signup - ID required. They’re quick and online often, no worries.

Package/shipping - A scent-free box containing a sealed opaque bag, in which was contained a sealed vacuum bag. Only once with was punctured was there any smell. The vacuum seal went a bit overboard, so almost all of the 4 bottles were indented. Either that or Canada Post had some really weird problems along the way, because the box exterior was pristine. Contains an invoice.

Purchased on Friday; arrived Tuesday. While there appeared to be some delay in the shipping notification that made it appear as though it might not have been sent until Monday, that apparently didn’t matter. It’s here. Speed. Greenery.

Perks for me - I received marijuana in the mail in exchange for my cash money. 100% purchased. No coupon. No gifts. I didn’t even warn them I was buying or reviewing. :)

Perks for you - Free shipping over $99. Free gifts at certain price points–in fact, I believe I was $2 under the free gift threshold. new10 code for new customers. repeat10 code for second purchase. Periodically they have non-coupon sales for the rest of us unwashed stoner scumbags.

Buds - I purchased more Platinum Girl Scout Cookies and Citrique, as I expressed the desire to do so in my previous reviews. As I have Citrique on the way from King Tut as well, I plan to do a FACEOFF so it will not be included in this review. I also elected to try two of the new AAAAs which have been well-reviewed by other reviewers on the forum: Alpacho Gold and Platinum Blackberry.

Alcapalo Gold - 9/10 stars

I’m working on one bowl in the vape and getting a notable sativa high. I bow to its powers. I was like “ehhh you’re an ugly lil nug aren’t you” when I weighed it out and was super unimpressed by its lumpy weirdness. Now what a lesson in not judging a book by its cover indeed. For the record, I’m the heaviest user among my friends, and I use concentrates on most days. My consumption doesn’t come anywhere near that of some of you incredible smokers, you, fiends. But it’s still high enough that I don’t expect to get this kind of a rush from a smaller amount of flower alone in a vape. I would buy this strain again and if I didn’t have two other orders of weed in transit for the next month, I would buy it right now. It is fiendishly potent, no matter how ugly it looks on the outside. Don't judge this book by its cover.

Platinum Blackberry - 6/10

Interesting nose; it is definitely blackberry forward. However, ground up, the smell quickly dissipates, leaving me a bit underwhelmed. They’re saying quad, but I’m getting more AAA vibes off this one. The vapor is reasonably smooth and to be fair, it tastes great. Pair it with a cocktail, pair it with a large bowl of healthy snacks… pair it with you going to bed. Plus it was underweight and had a notable amount of shake in the bottom of the bottle. I wanted to give it a try, but it’s not comparable to Black Roses from my previous order.

For the high, it took me 3 bowls to get a proper indica couchlock going on, and indeed it served as promised, gluing my limbs to the couch and running my brain down to a halt. I’ve been pretty energetic today and it did bring me down. This is obviously desirable for some people who use cannabis, I am not one of those people. Not a re-buy for me, but I recommend it if that’s your game.

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies - 8/10

This is a re-buy for me, because I went through my first quarter and realized I kept reaching for it and being disappointed I didn’t have it. This is a restock, but it’s almost identical to the first batch I received in everything but nugger size. These are some proper nuggets of marijuana, fresh and springy, perhaps a little too fresh for some people’s use preferences.

It burns perfectly in a joint, however. While its flavor is SHOCKING in the vape, in a joint it is smooth as silk with a sour note and this sort of trail of uncooked rhubarb, it’s really something else. Burns white too, so that’s a plus. I can confidently recommend it as quality smoke.

It does tend to make my friends cough, it has a weird sort of sourness to it and a lot of that pepper flavor some people associate with Girl Scout lineage. I grew attached to it and couldn't resist ordering some again on the restock.

Gotta say, both of the Platinum strains are absolutely beautiful in their coloration. Wonderful bag appeal, as they say.

Stay tuned for the Citrique Showdown! (and the review of the rest of the King's stuff)

Re: Speedgreens - Alcapalo Gold, Platinum Blackberry, Platinum GSC

Speedgreens wrote:
Sun Feb 03, 2019 3:24 am
As always, very in-depth and descriptive review with pro photos. Thank you!

(You quietly snuck this order through without any of the staff noticing, nice one!)
That's right! Occasionally I get accused of being biased because of my willingness to accept free gifts as bribery, so I felt it was paramount to get a review up where I had no pre-arranged shinies! Not that I will be disappointed if you would like to send me assorted samples again in the future to include in a review.

This is a regular Speedgreens order, and to be perfectly honest, you remain one of my go-to options. A standout new MoM. Thanks for the nugs.