Skyhighexotics— One of the elite MOMs — craft flower purchase.

I order a lot of craft flower, so I’m constantly rotating strains from my stash. I haven’t had as much time with certain strains yet, so I plan to update the strain descriptions as the days go on.

MOM Name
Sky high exotics
Overall rating out of 10:

Lost the point for higher pricing, no 15-20% codes and no bovedas.

Sign Up:
Typical mom registration. No issues, very quick.

Ordering & Pricing:
On the expensive side. $140 half oz with 10% discount.
Ordering was easy and quick. Both my orders were shipped same day.

First, let me say that their response times were real quick and they seemed very professional. They have good customer service. Before my purchase, I emailed them probably 5-6x back and fourth. They pretty much guaranteed that the WWB is their best option for sleep and that I’d be pleased with its heaviness. They were correct.

No boveda packs BOO!!!
Comes in a nice smell proof bag with their logo/branding. And a descriptive sticker of the strains highlights. Arrived in a box, came with an invoice. Again, very professional. Just wish at 140/half oz, there would be a boveda pack in there.

Products / Photos:
White Walker Bubba by cleanermeds
9.5/10 true quad. Bubba Kush x Black Russian. Frosty, dank, dark, heavy indica. Love this shit. Cleanermeds knocked this one out the park. Don’t take this before going out.. it’s a heavy stone. When I have a large session with this stuff, I get very relaxed. It makes you want to take it easy and sit/lay down. It’s good for just forgetting about your problems.. or for putting you to bed. I’ve been diagnosed with insomnia in the past. I wouldn’t classify my current condition as insomnia, more sleeplessness or restlessness. No flower can actually put me to sleep on a consistent basis, night after night. But this stuff is probably one of the better batches I’ve had for sleep in the last 6months or so. And for those who know me.. you know I try a lot of indicas.

Wedding cake by chronnisseur collective aka hub city co
TBD..I’ll be honest..I’ve only had a few sessions. No where near enough to grade this batch. I got 7g.. those are the only two nugs I received. Caked with trychs. Arrived real dry.. took a week to get better. Has a unique cake batter flavour when vaped. Has a good cerebral high.. I don’t think I’d personally re-order this as it just didn’t stand out to me. I feel that’s more because I like heavier strains. I can appreciate good weed though.. and it’s very nice weed. I just have a lot better stuff, so it gets lost in my collection.
Edit: 7.8/10. I’d grade this flower as AAA+. It’s good, but not great. Nice euphoric high, typical high that a 60/40 hybrid would give you.
Black Cherry Punch harmony collective
Flash pic- (since it was kinda plain to look at)
8.6/10 Black Cherry Pie x Purple Punch. The terps are extremely loud on this one. It’s very fruity but tart at the same time. Notes of red wine, tart blackberries/ blueberries (can’t decide), probably some cherry and grape as well. The taste while vaping is quite exquisite. Almost like a grape crush soda or some berry koolaid. No hints of skunk, gas, earth, etc.. just this koolaid/crush soda like flavour. The buds aren’t anything special to look at really.. but I’m loving this for winding down after work. It’s not very cerebral.. more physical. Good for muscle tension/body aches and pains and anxiety. Seemed to settle my stomach as well. The medical value of this flower is excellent. While this isn’t a face melter or a heavy hitter, it does have a heavy body stone and hits behind the eyes.
Edit: The body buzz seems to last longer than average, making it ideal choice to treat pain during the evening/nights. I use this for my neck pain and it does a very good job, its got GDP and blackberry kush heritage.

Pink Rockstar chronnisseur collective aka hub city co
8.7/10 this stuff reminds me of their previous death bubba batch. Same bud structure, same flavour and aroma. The DB was more potent though. However, this stuff is quite good.. It’s a lighter, calmer heavy hitter. Aroma is a greasy kush. Plenty of terps, this flower arrived very fresh, I got plenty of 2-4gram nugs in my half oz, . It has a nice body buzz, great flavour, pretty sticky. It makes me very happy and peaceful. It’s what I’d expect from Pink Kush x Rockstar. I think the WWB is better for sleep but this could also be used to help with sleep and pain. Evening use for sure.

Link to album where the full video clip of PRS can be found. Some of the trychs look like PM its so white.

I also ordered Chocolate chunk HCE by elevated. Shit was expensive, but its real good. Nice flavour, smooth. Very potent indica.

Incentive for Customers:
Made two purchases. One was during a 10% sale, the other I used my new 10% discount code. SHE prices for craft flower are on the more expensive side at $140/half oz. All their craft flower is from reputable growers and should be in the AAAA- to AAAA range. They have a premium QP option for $750 which is real nice.. brings the price down a bunch. Unfortunately, I’m not in the bulk game.

Pros: Great craft selection, fresh flower. Great extract selection. They offer budget flower as well.. they have something for everyone. They have good response times and good CS. Same day shipping.. they also purchase direct from the grower (atleast for the craft stuff). I was told that most of the growers are close by, so they’re always getting new batches of craft flower. They also seemed pretty responsive to my request to carry white death (they had it before) and more heavy indicas. It seemed like they really wanted to make me happy and valued my opinion/needs.

Cons: No boveda, pricing is a tad high. 10% new customer code, where most sites do 15-20%.

I cant believe these guys are an established mom yet....

Next up.. coastals new drops
Purple rockstar, black roses, peyote cookies
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Re: Skyhighexotics— One of the elite MOMs — craft flower purchase.

Keyll wrote:
Sun Feb 03, 2019 6:41 pm
I've definitely been considering trying these guys and these pictures are no discouragement. Mmmm. I mean I have my own bodevas at home so whatever, I fuss about it and drop ratings for it but I do have them. I just feel like a larger purchase of craft cannabis should come with one to keep its hydration intact during the shipping process.
With the kind of profits MOM are making on weed, bovedas should be standard in all orders no matter the size or quality of bud IMHO.