Kream Canada - Petro Breath

MOM Name - Kream Canada

Overall rating out of 10:- 8.5/10

Sign Up: - I found them on Instagram, [email protected] (contact for bulk orders, which is why I thought they qualify as a MOM) , messaged them and they redirected me to a couple of their local distributors [in my case Puff level ([email protected]) and Dylan (Instagram - @dankdylan420)]. Both verified my ID and gave me their menus. 8/10 as I had to jump through some hoops.

Ordering & Pricing:- Pufllevel has great elite organics stuff that I wanted to try and they offer delivery which is great. I ended up going with Dylan who was a pick up option only which turned out to be convenient and priced lower. Cost - 7 grams for $60 - 10/10

Communication:- Kream responded quickly and so did both their distributors. Pufflevel was incredibly polite (I must add). 10/10

Packaging: - Came sealed in a tin can with a Boveda pack that kept the buds fresh. 10/10

Products / Photos:-
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Petro Breath - Petroleum X Meat Breath
I would definitely recommend this strain to anyone with Insomnia. A great after work strain, right before crashing. Upon opening the can the room was filled by a pungent harsh chemical diesel stench of bud. The strain put me in a relaxed state of mind. It smelled like petrol and tasted just like it as well. The potency was great as it lasted me through a great gaming session and put me to sleep. 8/10

Incentive for Customers:- Good product, priced well and comes in a convenient storage option.

Incentive for Review:- None, Just spreading the love.
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