Getkush - January 25 2019

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Excuse me if I didn't use the proper format but it's my first review here. I copy and pasted my review from r/canadianmoms. Is that ok? Any suggestions would be super helpful :)


Get Kush

Shipping was smooth and quick even with all the crazy snow lately. 2 days from Vancouver to Ontario. Vacuum sealed and odorless and within a box to avoid any squished flower.

Strains :

El Jefe
First time trying El Jefe and I think I've found a new indica I love. Just got me stupid high and I love the strong body stone and heavy couch lock it offers. Really colorful buds with a lot going on,kind of reminds me of autumn foilage, with an earthy,spicy aroma. Not overly sticky but sticky enough to feel it on the fingertips.The taste is also earthy with a strong pine influence and lemon/spicy notes on the exhale. Really thick and creamy smoke too.

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Sherbert Cake
Love any strain that has a GSC influence and you can definitely tell in the smell and taste. Sweet and earthy with citrus and berry hints. Strong hybrid with obvious indica dominance and had me feeling perfectly relaxed but not sluggish or tired. Took a while to fade off and there wasn't no burnt out feelings afterwards. The buds are beautiful and frosty and sticky to the touch but still grinds up fluffy in the grinder. Smoke is thick and heavy and a little harsh and burns a salt and pepper coloured ash. I would let this one sit in a jar for a bit longer.

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Duke Nukem
Nice colours and orange hairs on these really dense, frosty buds with barely any leaf. Never smoked a strain with this profile but there's definitely some lavander in there with some earthy and fruity notes, pretty unique smell. It's a sativa dominant hybrid with a strong heady high with uplifting and energetic effects. Didn't feel the sleepy part like the description says but it does taper off into a mellow relaxing buzz. Really enjoying the smoke, it's smooth and gentle on the lungs.

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**Final Notes**
First thing I noticed is that they have a huge selection of flower. Honestly was a hard time choosing lol. Good range of varying prices too. The customer support was quick and helpful through email and helped me choose a heavy and gassy indica which turned out to be the El Jefe. The 3 strains I tried were all premium quality and had a good bag appeal, nose/taste, and potency. Also none were dry and the trims were great. Next time I would be curious to try some sativa dominant strains.