Kream Canada - Gorilla Cookies - Welcome to the Jungle!

MOM Name - Kream Canada

Overall rating out of 10:- 9.0/10

Sign Up: - I found them on Instagram, [email protected] (contact for bulk orders, which is why I thought they qualify as a MOM) , messaged them and they redirected me to a couple of their local distributors [in my case Puff level ([email protected]) and Dylan (Instagram - @dankdylan420)]. Both verified my ID and gave me their menus. 8/10 as I had to jump through some hoops.

Ordering & Pricing:- Pufllevel has great elite organics stuff that I wanted to try and they offer delivery which is great. I ended up going with Dylan who was a pick up option only which turned out to be convenient and priced lower. Cost - 7 grams for $60 - 10/10

Communication:- Kream responded quickly and so did both their distributors. Pufflevel was incredibly polite (I must add). 10/10

Packaging: - Came sealed in a plastic box sealed by plastic/wrap with a Boveda pack that kept the buds fresh. 10/10

Products / Photos:-
Gorilla Cookies - Gorilla Glue #4 X Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies:
I wanted to try this strain for a while and it did not disappoint. Imagine the girl scout cookies went to the gym for a couple of years and got ripped. I smoked this as a part of my Sundays wake and bake session at around 9:00 am in a joint and I can still feel the effects at 4;00 pm. I did not get the munchies from this strain which I liked as well. Its is an awesome strain for depression (I was cracking up watching Rick and Morty). This is my new go to morning strain. Taste and potency coming together - really uplifting 9.5/10

This was a fresh drop from Kream Canada. The batch seemed really fresh and squishy. I Got 1 nug which was 5.2 grams and the rest was all little buds.

Incentive for Customers:- Good product, priced well and comes in a convenient storage option.

Incentive for Review:- None, Just spreading the love.