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Overall rating out of 10: 9/10

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Ordering & Pricing: I ordered a qp of purple voodoo for $260 with coupons and the sale, which is almost unbeatable, also got a free sample of some fire OG

Their staff has great customer service and are quick to answer any questions you may have

Firstly the shipping was convenient and fast, I ordered on a Friday on and got it come on the filling tuesday, the packaging is also very well done, the order came in a unlabelled box 10x4x6 and it was labelled as HONOLULU ORGANIC COFFEE which Is nice and discrete. When I unboxed it There were a dozen coffee beans in the box and the bud was in a large ziplock bag In a vacuum sealed bag, upon opening the bag I realized they had thrown in a free sample of Fire OG which I am including in this reveiw.

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Purple voodoo
Overall strain rating: 7.4/10
Smell: 4/5
Potency: 3.6/5
Bag appeal:3.7/5 (huge buds just looked a little plain)
Burn: 4.5/5
To start off, I ordered a quarter pound of purple voodoo for $260 with the coupon and sale that was on which is a unbeatable price. With that said the price kind of made me a little skeptical about the quality of the cannabis, but when I received it I was pleasantly blown away with it.
The buds are huge and fluffy, (a couple a good 5” long) and and sparkled with lots of trichomes, so much that the bottom of my jar looks like there’s sand in it lol. The buds also have a lovely sweet aroma that teases your nose and a great taste
The bud is potent too, I’d say a good 20% THC, no less than that for sure, and when it comes to the taste that is just as good! The bud isn’t harsh and don’t leave no tickle or even make me cough.
The bud is much better quality than what I’d buy locally, and at a fraction of the price. I would definitely recommend this strain, I also let a couple of my friends try some and they both loved it and gave it a good 4/5 when I asked them to rate it. I would order this again if it was still on the store without thinking twice.

Fire OG
Overall strain rating:7.5/10
Bag appeal:4.5/5
I received a small sample of Fire OG with my order of purple voodoo, the bud that they gave me is a little sticky to the touch and the aroma has a nice sweet, more earthy kind of smell, with maybe a hint of Pine, that is pleasing to the nose.
The bud smoked well, it burns cleanly and left me with a pretty decent uplifting buzz.
I would definitely buy this strain to try it out. Smoked well, potent and smooth.

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I am getting a 20$ coupon

Would order off this site again, had a great experience a fraction of the cost