Gorilla Glue #4 Hybrid Indica [Bulkgod] | 3.75


[Bulkgod] Gorilla Glue #4 Hybrid Indica | 3.75

Having heard the GG#4 was the best of it's kind... but paying the equivalent of 99$/oz I didn't know what to expect.

The buds, even before opening, were glued to each other .. I had to peel them off :O They were very light in color, but also caked in crystals which probably added to the shine a bit too. There we no fan leaves attached, and any red hair that MAY have been present were confined to the tips of a few buds.

It was a VERY pine/acidic/lemon smell, with a hint of diesel. It smelt very fresh, very strong, really nose-stinging. Not a unique smell but def. quite strong. Ground up yielded a BIT more of that darker diesel smell, but was still very nose-stinging piney otherwise.

Vaping it yielded a MUCH more diesel flavor, almost a bit fishy, and a bit pine-y. Wasn't the craziest flavor we had but it wasn't bad either.

Having burned it in the pipe yielded a light grey, speckled with white ash. It burned a BIT rough on the throat, heavy on the lungs, meaning we didnt get that nice thick smoke. PERHAPS it was because it was so high THC and covered in crystals? This was evident when we started feeling the effects right away from the vape.

An indica body buzz at first... couch lock, relaxed, followed by a much more head-high with visual effects, tingling of the face, but still pretty couch locked.

All in all it was a strong but not unique smell, good vape but not great, rough burning strain BUT the effects were very apparent, it was affordable, etc. I'd describe this as a get-the-job done quick kind of strain but wouldn't say it's something you'd want to try to impress your friends in terms of taste or smoothness. Perhaps the other #'s may yield different results.