I just got an order from Budmail. Since I am a comparison shopper I use a lot of different MOMS for different products. This time I tried Budmail for edibles for my wife. Since she is a bit of a lightweight she only likes the 10mg edibles. I had found that the Mota sour squares are the best for her. I need the higher does ones like Mary's gummy bears. Anyway I don't like to spend more than $1.00 per 10mg of THC so finding these priced below that is a bonus. They have the Mota sour squares (which have 150 mg per bag - 15 squares = 10 mg per square) on for $11.00 per bag. Since that was such a good price I had to order 10 bags and put in a couple of grams of California Orange East coast shatter and a 1 ml syringe of distillate from dark side dabs. I have tried the shatter before and love that one (am crazy about any Orange or citrus strains) and will update once I try the distillate. Setting up an account was very easy and I put my order in right away. They are very good with communication and have free shipping over $199.00. My package arrived at the expected date and was impressed with the packaging. The 10 bags and the shatter and distillate was in a small box but then it was double wrapped in vaccum wrap and then package wrap then a bubble wrap for shipping. Really good even just for edibles and concentrates that don't tend to smell. I will use them again for edibles for sure and they also have comparable prices on weed and concentrates.