Strawberry Cheesecake Gas Demon Hybrid Indica Review | thegreenace | Jan 2019


[Thegreenace] Strawberry Cheesecake Gas Demon Hybrid Indica Review | 3.75 / 5 | Original Review

This 70/30 Hybrid Indica priced at a 11/1g was grown by 'Gas Demon' which we haven't seen much of (or anything before). Just the name Strawberry Cheesecake made me glad they sent it as a free sample (as I'm a sucker for sweet strains).

The bud itself looked pretty decent, not SUPER crystally but still had a nice, darker tint to it masking out the lighter leaves. It was pretty well trimmed and almost no stem with an even 50/50 of buds and red hairs.

The smell tho.. a sweet CHEESE smell with a slight fruity hint afterwards (dont know if could say strawberries but was fruity).

Breaking it in half yielded nice purple tints near the stem and a consistent amount of crystals all the way. I would say it even looked better near the stem than the outside of the bud!

When ground up that cheese smell was quickly overpowered by pine scent, so it would be about 50/50 cheese and pine. Didn't really smell too much fruit after that.

Vaping it wasn't spectacular nor was it bad. In the end the taste was very mild and at low temps of 180 we got some flower/perfume smells (not sweet) and at higher about 190 we got fresh baked goods taste. So it wasn't terrible but nothing I would show off to a friend.

In the pipe yielded a light grey -> dark grey ash with no real specs of white. Smoking it was OK-smooth, but easy on the lungs, and PRETTY decent smoke (not super white and thick). Didn't really have much taste but thats to be expected when comparing to vaping.

The best part was probably the effects: energetic, happy, creative, relaxed, no anxiety. The feelings first kicked in after the first toke with the tingling behind the eyes, head buzz, not much body but just relaxed. Eventually it became a very cerebral effects (hearing, eyes, focus) and at the same couch lock/laziness. Some wobblyness when sitting down as welll

So probably a good thing to wind down the night but wouldn't say its great to go and socialize / do heavy chores. Since this was rated a AAA+ (but to be safe lets say AAA or AAA-) the rating was matching the overall experience. Great smell/bag appeal, ok vape, ok smoking, great effects. Interested to see if we can find more stuff from Gas Demon and how they achieve different tastes.