Ghost Drops - Gelato/Trump Kush Review

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Ghost Drops

Overall rating out of 10:
7.75/10 for these two strains, three strain review coming soon

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The website was very easy to use, check out was easy, standard e-transfer transaction. Ordered on a Wednesday, got it on Saturday.

Had a couple of questions, I used the online Budtender and it took about 5-10 minutes to get an email back (they ask for your email address when you ask a question). Friendly

The product was inside sealed bags, which were inside a vacuum sealed bag, inside the shipping envelope, no smell whatsoever

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Gelato 8/10
Very nice bag appeal with dense buds that are caked with trichomes. A sweet, citrus smell that is very obvious just hits you when you take a nice whiff of this strain. The smell reminded me of lemon/lime Italian ice, or like a gelato (wow!). My wife described the smell more like lemon tarts, very pleasant to the nose. When smoked the sweetness comes through, with some earthy back notes but the citrus is lost and it burns to grey ash with specs of black. The hybrid high comes on right away, can feel it behind the eyes, but still fully alert and no crash, nothing out of this world. Vaping is the way to go with this strain, at a lower temperature the dessert taste really comes through, like lemon tarts. At a higher temperature the taste is obviously lost, but the high gets a bit more potent, a very nice terpy experience!! I enjoyed this strain, looks great, smells awesome with a nice high. A bit on the expensive side for me, but the terpenes are amazing! AAA+

Trump Kush 7.5/10
The pungent smell of pine and earth with some skunk are the first things that hit your nose. The buds are nicely trimmed, very dense with plenty of trichomes, but a bit on the dry side. The first toke I took from my vape was a surprise, a big hit of citrus was the first flavour( I couldn't detect it in the jar), with some pine in the back ground. Vapes a bit harsh but the flavour is much better than when combustion is introduced. Smokes smoothly with light grey ash, a nice Indica high slowly creeps in but it doesnt melt your face off. A definite creeper, very relaxing but short lived. This strain did knock out my wife, but she has a lower tolerance than I do. This strain is in the AAA/AAA+ zone

Incentive for Customers:
-used “cmom10” coupon for 10% off
-local mom for us from Ontario, just outside the GTA

Incentive for Review:
None, have been very curious about these guys since they opened

-I have split this review in two!
-Up next: Dank Schrader, Tom Ford, and one of my all time favourites Pink Tuna!
-The real Trump is a piece of shit, just wanted to say that