6ixpensary - Feb19

MOM name: 6ixpensary

Packaging: Mylar bags, vac-sealed, basic brown box, standard stuff. ALl bags tagged with strain and size

Communication: Chatted with them on their website, asked how the Pink Kush was, they were upfront and honest, gavce me a few suggestions, and very chill people in general

Products/Strains: Got the White Zombie, which in terms of bag appeal, is crazy. Patches of yellow, almost white, lime green and purple. Nice and dense with a little fluff. Huge nugs. The nug in the picture below is 7.2g, and I had a few of similar size. Burns a bit dark, but very uniform and smooth smoke. I think someone compared the taste to burnt marshmallow, which is spot on. Sweet, woody and pungent. Great cerebral high that I would almost qualify as hallucinogenic, very euphoric, I was not at all focussed during my buzz.

Also order the 96$ Pink Kush. I inquired about it before placing my order, and they told me it was very good, especially for the price. It's a great representation of the strain. I'm not a Pink lover like a lot of people. but it has the classic PK smell and buzz, very clean burn and smoke, fairly potent. I tend to smoke sativas and hybrids leaning less towards indica, so it knocked me out before bed, but not before giving me a nice case of the giggles.

Got a sampe of Platinum Cookies as well. A little dry for my taste, but then again I do like my flower to mbemore on the humid side. Great smooth smoke, classic Cookies taste and smell, cure was excellent as well. Small nugs, but for a sample that's expected.

Incentives: None for writing this review, just wanted to let some peeps know that they are a viable option for high trips and quads at a fair price. Other than that, they have a discount for your first order, inquire on their chat or on discord and they should provide it.

Overall: Very happy with the order and the selection they have. They recently added Sour Diesel, which I will have to try for sure. For the East Coast peeps, they obviously ship out of Toronto so they might be a nice option if you're looking to shave a day off of usual delivery delays. 8/10 because of the dark burn on the White Zombie, even though it doesnt really affect the buzz, smoke and taste