TheDopeHaus Review March 2019

**Description is BELOW picture link**

Rating: 9/10
Would have upped the rating to 10 but I wasn't to impressed with the regular ziplock bags..but the flowers were all great (AAA)...especially the Hash (AAAA)

Shipping & Packaging:
-Re-used USPS box (great idea for recycling)
-Bubble wrapped and then vacuumed sealed
-Flowers come in regular zip lock bags with strain and gram amount info written on bags
-Zero smell
-3 business days from BC to ON

Customer Service:
-Quick to respond via email
-Very polite and professional responses

Inventive for review:
I was given these strains as samples to review

Strawberry Cough:
-Great Sativa (personal top 5 sativas)
-Tons of energy mentally and physically
-Makes me talkative
-Smoked very smooth with a nice taste even in my bong
-Great wake and bake!

Congolese Kush:
-Very nice high...similar to Red Congo I've had in the past...seems to have an indica side to the burnout
-Nice clear headed cerebral buzz

Lemon Pie:
-Hazy head kinda buzz ....nice for easy tasks or lazy days
-Takes a sharp turn in focus after about 20 - 30 mins after inhalation

Silver Skunk:
-nice and short lived buzz..if that's what you're looking for

LA Chocolate:
-Hits fast and hard and has a great pressure around the eyes...kinda like the strain Headband

Banana OG:
-Very nice, super relaxing easy going strain and actually has a noticeable "ripe banana" it!

-Ahhh best friend come nighttime when I have difficulties sleeping (insomnia)<---- which is 6 nights a week atleast
-2nd best Indica for sleep issues next to Death Star ---->(amazing for sleep)

God's Green Crack:
-Nice sharp focus with a synergy of extreme this strain

Blueberry Lemonade:
-Awesome flavour....this seems like a perfect hybrid for small amounts it promotes energy, focus and relaxation and in larger amounts it promotes sedation and stress melts away quickly

Blue Dream:
-I'm one of the few people who don't love Blue tends to give me a lot of anxiety on the come up and the high just isn't worth it for me, however this Blue Dream had me feeling the complete opposite with my helped quiet that down quite a bit

Black Widow:
-Kinda harsh but that was expected as it was leafy and DopeHaus informed me abiut this
-Great hybrid, sativa leaning buzz
-Seems like a good starter buzz for people just getting into marijuana consumption

White Castle:
-White Castle is a weird one to me...I neither like or dislike the buzz
-Has a hazy head high with a flowing body buzz

Black Hash:
-Great hash buzz with mellow head and body buzz
-Tasted amazing and has a slight spicey flavour to it...will definitely purchase this hash from these guys

The Dope Haus:
All in all a great mom to deal with CS wise and the flowers are potent...smell great...and smoke nice...I will be placing an order with these guys no doubt!

Peace & Love,