AimOrDie's Second 3TreesCannabis Review!

Hello and welcome to another review from AimOrDie!

This time I'll be reviewing an appreciation package from 3TC that contained Alien Kush, Fruit Loops, Lemon Kush, Purple Haze, Swiss Cheese and some house shatter. Extremely generous of them. Definitely a nice feeling.

Sign Up:
Signup with 3TC is very simple. ID required.

Ordering & Pricing:
Fair pricing, nothing special. Similar to most other places.

Communication with 3TC is always a joy. Very friendly, very quick responses. One of my favorites.

Packaging is pretty standard, discreetly packaged products. Small box that's very well wrapped.

Products / Photos:
Alien Kush
This strain had an extremely pungent gassy smell that surprised me, very enjoyable odor. Well trimmed bud that tastes fantastic. A little harsh on the throat, but great tasting. Pretty strong 50/50 feeling high. Makes me really hungry, and leaves me feeling creative and talkative but also pretty lazy. 8/10(AAA) in my opinion.
Fruit Loops
Light fruity smell that didn't come through very much while smoking. A little harsh, but still enjoyable to smoke. Uplifting focused high that tapers off over a nice length of time. 7/10(AAA) for me.
Lemon Kush
Not my favorite strain. Nice earthy smell, less fruity than I thought it'd be. Slightly loose, leafy bud. Slightly harsh smoke. Enjoyable enough energetic high that didn't seem to last very long. 6.5/10(AA+) I'd say.
Purple Haze
Some of the nicest Purple Haze I've seen. Extremely pungent sweet berry odor that could stink up your entire house. Beautiful purple coloration through the entire bud, perfectly cured. The only slight detractor is that the trim could be better. Loses a slight edge for that.
I love Purple strains, and Purple Haze specifically is one of my all time favorites. This does not disappoint one bit. 8.5/10(AAA+) in my opinion. If it had a slightly better trim, I'd comfortably call this AAAA.
Swiss Cheese
I really dislike cheese strains. I don't like the sour odor, or flavor. This didn't change my mind. It has that typical cheesy sour smell that I personally dislike but many of my friends love. Leafiest buds of the bunch. I'd put this strains effects on a similar level as the Lemon Kush. Fairly strong, energetic and focused high that comes crashing down towards the end. Also 6/10(AA) in my opinion.
Trainwreck Shatter
This shatter is a little dark, lighter than it'd appear in the photo, but is still quite strong. Has a nice taste, and a strong high. Not the best, but for $25 a gram it's pretty nice. 7.5/10(AAA)
Incentive for Customers:
Free shipping over $99

Incentive for Review:
None. This pack was sent as a thank you for my last review.

I've never had a MoM reach out to me after my original review and offer to send an appreciation package before. Pretty cool of them.