[MyGreenSolution] Alien OG Hybrid Indica Review | 4/5 | Jan 2019


[MyGreenSolution] Alien OG Hybrid Indica Review | 4/5 | Original Review

We've tried Alien OG crossed with other strains but first time trying JUST alien OG. Priced moderately this Hybrid Indica was rated as AAA+ but MoM's (and OCS for that matter) like to overhype their strains sometimes.

These buds were about 50/50 in terms of red hairs and bud, but a NICE arrangement of colors: purple, light green, dark green, and red hairs. Looks like a rainbow and was shiny from the amount of crystals. It wasn't super well trimmed as there a bit of fan leaves left but at least they were covered in crystals as well. If you split the bud you would see it was shiny to the stem but also quite a bit more spacious near the core: not super condensed. It also turned more of a light green color overall. The smell was nothing too crazy: a bit pungent, earthy, wood, but not super strong.

Once it was grinded tho you could really smell a sour, lemon scent and def. way more earthy. Interesting but not super unique; OCS has a ton of lemon/pine so does MoMs, but nice nonetheless.

Vaping it yielded roughly the same flavors, maybe some baked goods taste near the beginning alongside a perfume aroma, but eventually made way for more lemon earth, etc. What was nice tho was the effects kicked in pretty fast even after vaping, something we don't usually see.

Smoking it in the pipe yielded half-half white and light grey ash which was nice. It burned really smooth, really thick smoke, and strong on the lungs but may be due to the THC level if anything (think it's high but it is unlisted on the site).

The bud was a very slow creeper bud but maintained a head/spatial/visual high throughout with eventually leading to a body buzz. Not super couch locked which is nice so I would say this could be a good social indica ... a rare treat.

I think the rating AAA (or AAA+ whatever) is pretty accurate, would have been nicer a more unique flavor but perhaps its just the nature of the strain? I look forward to trying a batch in a few months time and compare the two strains.