[SecretStashHouse] Pink Zombie Indica Review | 3.8/5


[SecretStashHouse] Pink Zombie Indica Review | 3.8/5 | Original Review

This was a bit of an elusive strain to find info on... lots of 'pink' strains and lots of 'zombie' strains (like Zombie OG) so I didn't know what to expect. This one of those samples that got lost in the mix but was curious to see what it was all about.

The bud looks nice, medium-darkness green with good amount of redhairs, almost no stem. The center was hollow meaning it was made more of smaller piece of buds, not bad just an observation. It had a very woody, earth, and a BIT pungent smell to it (which, as many other things I found that was very similar to Zombie OG).

It had ground up to a very wood-earth smell, with a slight hint of stinky but not that strong. It broke up to a light color too nonetheless, which also bore a ton of crystals (tho not super sticky).

Vaping it was about average perfume flower at low temps right off the bat, and at higher temps woods, earth, average taste overall. But letting it cook for a while we started to get a much more pungnent/skunk/sweet taste which was a nice surprised!

Burning it in the pipe at first (perhaps due to heat difference) was harsh, but quickly smoothed out and got a nice thick, white smoke, super light on the lungs.

I would imagine the thc on this wasn't super high but the effects were def. an indica feeling, body buzz couch lock, a bit of cerebral/visuals/ringing in the ears, and some visual changes as well. I would say a good thing to socialize/be creative but overall euphoric, mellow, not overly-strong or trip-out so good after a long day.