Hillside Pharms - Living Soil Grape God - Honey Oil - March 2019

MOM name: Hillside Pharms

Overall rating out of 10: 10

Sign Up: easy with proof of ID

Ordering & Pricing: very easy, good pricing on most of their products

Communication: excellent, actually contacted them by email for my order, they got me what i needed at a deal and created the invoice to pay, all done in a matter of hours

Packaging: well vac sealed package in well taped box with bubble mailer over it all, can't ask for better

Products / Photos:

Grape God Living Soil
great smell out of the bag, taste and flavor are spot on , nice skunky grape, great high that creeps up on you and lasts quite long, beautiful strain

Honey Oil jar (bag only) and 7 samples to try
love this stuff, my go to for everything (edibles, tinctures very versatile) great taste, even better effects, haven't got to the samples yet, but they look yummy :) more pics here : https://imgur.com/a/S7qhpj0

Incentive for Customers: sales every now and then, deals on lower end stuff....and free product samples.

Incentive for Review: none

Notes: love their products, they have great customer service, highly recommended