AimOrDie's SupremeCollective Review

Hello and welcome to a review of from AimOrDie!

This is a new up and coming MOM that supplies a whole bunch of high end cannabis related products including Hashy Hands products, Cannagars, Cannarillos, and various top quality flowers.

Being reviewed today are Pie Face, Strawberry Milk and SR71. Unique strains that I haven't seen elsewhere.

Using a grading scale out of 10 seems to be an issue when grading strains of a similar quality. I'm going to start using a scale out of 100, to help show more difference within the same grades. Let me know if you like or dislike it. For reference I'll be using 0-25(A) 26-65(AA) 66-85(AAA) 86-100(AAAA) going forward.

Sign Up:
I personally didn't sign up, and I don't see a sign up feature on the site. Not really sure how it works.

Ordering & Pricing:
High end prices for high end products. Doesn't seem to be anything for people on a budget.

Communication is wonderful. Fantastic customer service, with prompt e-mail communication. I feel like they care more about their customers than most other places.

Packaging is great, heat sealed black bags containing individually branded and labelled metal containers which hold the flower along with individual small boveda packs for each strain. Probably as close to a can as you can get without being a can.
Products / Photos:
I wasn't quite as blown away by this strain as I was the others, but it definitely is great itself.
Very well manicured buds that barely have any leaf in sight. The flower is slightly dryer than ideal, but not enough to cause any big issues. Clean white ash, with a smooth exhale, burns very well in a joint.
The smell is not extremely pungent, but it is quite enjoyable with a very a strong gassy overtone, along with more subtle scents of musky earth and pine underneath.
The hybrid high on this strain feels like it leans a little more towards sativa than indica, while not being enough to overpower. Strong enough indica high to smoke before relaxing and watching a comedy with a friend, but not quite strong enough to put you to sleep, while being strong enough on the sativa side to wake and bake and get ready for your day. I'd say this strain is a lower end quad, grading in at 88/100(AAAA)

Edit: After further inspection of this strain, I found that it contained seeds. Definitely not something that should be in high priced craft cannabis. Everything else still stands, but it lowers the grade to 75/100(AAA) at best.
Strawberry Milk
This strain is also very well trimmed with few leaves in sight. Beautiful to look at with light green/orange color throughout the one nug that weighs in at 2.5g. The flower arrived with, in my opinion the perfect moisture level. Not dry enough to break apart in your fingers, but easily broken apart in a grinder without sticking to itself. The nose on this strain is wonderful. Pungent, sweet notes of a unique berry odor that are impossible to miss. It almost doesn't smell like weed, kinda smells like something you'd put into a fancy smoothie. Definitely my favorite smell of the bunch. This strain also leaves behind clean white ash, with a smooth exhale and a wonderful berry flavor. I feel as the high on this strain is a great example of a true hybrid. Very strong effects on both sides of the spectrum, provides a bunch of energy, and any pain that I may have felt before using this strain is gone for hours after use. 94/100(AAAA) in my opinion.
Pie Face
Slightly less well trimmed than the other two strains, still trimmed quite well regardless. Few leaves to be seen, although they are there. This strain is sticky to the touch, leaving residue on your fingers after being handles for a short while. Very pungent smell that's hard to describe. Kind of sweet, almost like a cake (or pie, I guess) mixed with flowers, and dipped in soil to leave earthy undertones. Unique, and enjoyable. SC knocked it out of the park with 3 strains that all burned down to a clean white ash, and none of which had me choking. The high on this strain gives the impression of being a hybrid that just slightly leans towards being sativa dominant, if not being 50/50. It's the strain that I'm currently smoking while writing this review, and it definitely provides the creative head buzz that helps write long paragraphs about marijuana strains, while also keeping me securely locked to this chair. 92/100(AAAA)
Begin Full Spectrum Sour Diesel Honey
I'm not really sure what to say about this stuff. I don't like the taste of honey at all, so that's a bummer, but it's definitely strong. Made the mistake of doubling the recommended dosage before bed and was awake for much longer than I cared to be with a strong thought provoking buzz that wouldn't let me sleep.

Incentive for Customers:
SupremeCollective has set up a one time only coupon code for all you wonderful people. Use code welcome for 15% off your first order.
Also, they ship using express courier, free over $200.

Incentive for Review:
This package was provided for free to be reviewed.

I wish I had gotten to try the Mendo Breath, as i've heard amazing things about that strain, and specifically the batch SC has in stock currently. Hopefully I can scoop some up before it's gone if the budget allows.
I've never seen Cannagars or Cannarillos available online before, pretty cool to see them stocked here.

When all is said and done, SupremeCollective in my opinion, is an up and coming MOM with products that will speak for themselves with the connoisseur community around here and Reddit.