[KingTuts] Silver Haze Sativa Review | 3.9/5

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[KingTuts] Silver Haze Sativa Review | 3.9/5 | Original Review

Another 99$ / oz that we wanted to check for the fun of it so we're obviously lowering our standards quite a bit. Despite this the overall experience was very similar to the diesel we tried from the same people.

At first glance the buds look very fluffy, darkish in color, very well trimmed and quite a bit of crystals and red hairs... about 50/50 red hairs to buds. Due to just how fluffy it was this meant we got the a nice coating of crystals right down to the center as it was very airy. The buds smelled pretty generic pot... something I'd compare to pre-legalization: hay, grass, a bit of pine, nothing special.

Once ground up the buds broke up and filled up almost a full grinder for a small nug, possibly due to the fluffyness. The bud maintained its darker color and was pretty stick to itself, not SUPER sticky but better than some stuff we've seen for 2x the price. Finally since we ground it up we got a nice tropical , sweet smell, and strong pine. It was a nice bonus since its similar to what we smelled at higher tier stuff.

Vaping it was a pretty typical baked goods, cookies, not-sweet, not bitter taste. Nothing I would recommend to any hardcore vapers but also nothing terrible. Leaving it cooked at 195 for a while did give us a BIT of a sweet taste, but by far that dominating baked goods taste. Pretty average but still OK in my books.

Burning it left a light grey - white ash, very impressive. Smoking it was a bit harsh but was easy on the lungs and nice thick smoke, a big plus! The effects were very cerebral, energetic, creative, social with no anxiety and stress. It was probably one of the more enjoyable sativa feelings simply due to the lack of anxious feelings. BECAUSE it was a nice thick plume of smoke, creeping effects, and no burn out with an overall enjoyable energetic experience I would recommend it if you like to put a flame to it.

All in all not a great experience, not mind-blowing, but for the low price it's a good win in my books. Not something you'd want to break out the champagne for but something you can smoke day to day (affordably). Would recommend this over the diesel as well.

Re: [KingTuts] Silver Haze Sativa Review | 3.9/5

Mcmaxx, thank you for the review and all the time you put in brother! Some of you guys out in an ample amount of time and effort and it's much appreciated!

Yeah, as far as the strain goes... I think it's as advertised and well worth the $99. Of course, we have spoiled a few members with some AAA weed at $99 but still :)

If you guys and gals are looking for an every day Sativa smoke around $3.50 a gram (less with our rewards program), this is a great option! A true Sativa with a nice light day time buzz to get you through the day with a bit more hop in your step.

I know that many folks wait for the Hot Deal on some AAA bud at $99 but for those Sativa fans looking to save some cash and get a bit more than what you paid for, SIlver Haze is a beauty! It's a "house" brand of sorts, as we will always have access to it and we hope that it will stay @ $99, so give it a try!

Of course, if any of you place an order for something else and want to give it a try, just mention in the notes or drop me a line :)

Thanks again brother! I do want to get some of our more "fancy shit" in on one of your videos :) Something that will fill the room with some GAS!

You're awesome and keep up the good work!

For the members here, I hope you subscribe to his channel :)