O.G. Cheese - High Potency Budget Buy - from @YOT DADDY (Discord and Instagram)

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I did a face to face buy with YOT, as we live in the same location. YOT and I met up, had a session, and business went down smooth as silk. YOT is a really good guy and I feel comfortable recommending him as a safe place to purchase y0 greens. I enjoyed this OZ so much, I am buying another one right away.

YOT is very easy to get ahold of and communicate with.. Almost always responds on discord within the hour, is keen to help people out, and speaks fantastic english (don’t overlook this, people).

Even having bought in person, YOT vac sealed my OZ just so I could drive safely across town with stinky cheese weed. Can’t speak to shipping.

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O.G. Cheese:
  • Nose/Flavour: It was a wee bit on the dry side when I picked it up (I was warned beforehand), but the aromas have really come out after a few days in a jar with a humidity pack. This strain has the classic, strong nose of old cheese with a bit of an earthy undertone. The flavour isn’t as cheesy as the smell would imply, which I find makes its slightly more palatable.
  • Trim/Cure: Both were excellent… after a bit of humidity trauma relief. The buds now have an excellent squish and bounce. Nugs were massive (12 grams at the largest), dense, with a classic structure (if ever I saw one) and frosted with nice mature trichomes.
  • Lift/Buzz: This cheese is heavily intoxicating. It’s a very spacey/heady/psychoactive/”trippy” high, that makes my senses feel heightened. Quite giggly, and overall a really enjoyable and strong high.
  • Potency/Quality: Like everything else here, potency is a fairly subjective element based on tolerance. Mine is high (maybe 2g/day flower and concentrates), but not insanely high. So for me, this is probably leaning toward a high-trip (AAA+). A fairly small amount (less than 0.5g) gives me a good strong stone for well over an hour.
  • Vapour Quality: Even after the humidity reset, it is a little bit on the harsh side, both in the vaporizer and in joints, though personally, I find all cheese strains slightly harsh.
  • Overall: For the price, I am much happier with my cheese purchase from YOT than I have been with any other budget oz I have purchased in the past from other moms. It easily stands a grade higher, both in potency and bud structure, than what I am used to buying at this price range. Though admittedly, it was slightly dry at first, so have all of my 99’ers been, so when I have the choice, I’ll take the dry weed with serious potency over the dry weed that smokes like hemp. ;)

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Very competitive pricing for higher than average quality. One of the best "budget" buys I have made in a while.

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Nope. Just recommending a good deal from a solid dude.

YOT DADDY is a well established member of the MOM and Discord community, and has a great deal like this cheese on offer here and there. Check him out!