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The pricing vs. quality can't hardly be beat.

This particular MOM is by invite only (now accepting new members), and as I am affiliated with this business, I must confess a sleight bias. Although in all honesty, I was among Boat's first large purchasers, and the quality and pricing has stayed so consistent that I have felt zero need to shop elsewhere for product.

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Fantastic. If you are in the discord server, it's 1:1, real-time.

I have not seen the new packaging, but I believe it is now all mylar bags, etc

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O.G. Cheese:
  • Nose/Flavour: It was a wee bit on the dry side when I picked it up (I was warned beforehand), but the aromas have really come out after a few days in a jar with a humidity pack. This strain has the classic, strong nose of old cheese with a bit of an earthy undertone. The flavour isn’t as cheesy as the smell would imply, which I find makes its slightly more palatable.
  • Trim/Cure: Both were excellent… after a bit of humidity trauma relief. The buds now have an excellent squish and bounce. Nugs were massive (12 grams at the largest), dense, with a classic structure (if ever I saw one) and frosted with nice mature trichomes.
  • Lift/Buzz: This cheese is heavily intoxicating. It’s a very spacey/heady/psychoactive/”trippy” high, that makes my senses feel heightened. Quite giggly, and overall a really enjoyable and strong high.
  • Potency/Quality: Like everything else here, potency is a fairly subjective element based on tolerance. Mine is high (maybe 2g/day flower and concentrates), but not insanely high. So for me, this is probably leaning toward a high-trip (AAA+). A fairly small amount (less than 0.5g) gives me a good strong stone for well over an hour.
  • Vapour Quality: Even after the humidity reset, it is a little bit on the harsh side, both in the vaporizer and in joints, though personally, I find all cheese strains slightly harsh.
  • Overall: For the price, I am much happier with my cheese purchase from YOT than I have been with any other budget oz I have purchased in the past from other moms. It easily stands a grade higher, both in potency and bud structure, than what I am used to buying at this price range. Though admittedly, it was slightly dry at first, so have all of my 99’ers been, so when I have the choice, I’ll take the dry weed with serious potency over the dry weed that smokes like hemp. ;)

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Very competitive pricing for higher than average quality. Boat's Buds is the only place I buy from currently.

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$5 discount on next order, which I will forego as I am affiliated with the business.

This is and older review that I have newly revised as Boat's Buds is looking to establish itself as a legitimate MOM.
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Re: Boat's Buds - O.G. Cheese

barcodekilla wrote:
Fri May 17, 2019 5:02 pm
feeling so close to your weed dealer never been nicer , when you know the crook at the other end of the deal has your adresse and shit haha , go 'head go one on one with your weed dealers and end up in an " ap3x supply " kinda typa shit storm Ha HA
Pinky, has your brain completely broken?

Come back to discord and say hi, you crybaby.

Re: O.G. Cheese - High Potency Budget Buy - from @YOT DADDY (Discord and Instagram)

Evilevile wrote:
Sat Mar 16, 2019 7:03 pm
But are there price cuts with QPs? That is my question of the day.
Yessir <3

on this product, when i had it I had 115/oz singles and QP was 100/oz and any more was 90/oz :)

Cannabal wrote: Thanks for the compliments, my dudes... YOT is a solid guy with good deals. Sometimes you gotta look outside of the traditional channels to find the fire.. :)

Thanks a ton friend, glad you enjoyed one of the first buds I've brought in for you guys haha.
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