Ganja West Review #2 :D

Ganja West are an awesome company with good quality products. The sign up is simple if you have I.D. and they accept e-transfer... forgot to check if they accept pay pal, but I think they might.
Shipping is pretty quick, 2-4 business days, I assume anywhere in Canada. Packaging is nice and discreet.
They always haves deals as far as I know, and they offer discounts and promotions, like a free eighth with your first order.

1. OG Kush AAA - buds on the fluffier side, colours on the darker side of green which goes great with the trichromes and hairs; could even be called eye candy . Smells like Kush, a good OG Kush, that's basically the only way I can explain it. Smells almost like the BlueFinTuna strain. I've been familiar with this strain for about 11 years, it's always been good. The ash is medium light grey, smooth smoke and awesome indicated effects, I got instant munchies and felt relaxed.. if you're not used to indicas, this is a nighttime strain for you.

2. Cherry Pie budder - smells like thc and I swear I smell cherry, or a sweet smell anyways. Looks like nice budder. The look is smooth and the taste is smooth, the flavour is like the smell but X10. Effects are probably more of a let's relax and watch a movie before bed kind of thing. Im sure this would be great for pain, sleep, anxiety and eating.. as do most indicas, or most strains lol.

3. Purple Kush AAA - This is a nice flower, to me it smells more like Pink Kush but tastes exactly like Purple Kush and almost looks like both. The buds are dense, lots of trichromes nice hair foliage. Light green and purple colours, some light purple.. more eye candy. 8.8/10

4. Headband AAA - Nice light green colour, dense flowers. Nice trichromes. Smells sweet and Earthy, almost dieselish. Light Grey ash, nice smooth smoke. Great day time strain that could do well at night as well. 7.2/10

5. Master Kush AA - Great dark green and purple colour. Nice trichromes and hairs. Fluffy buds. Ash is white. Taste and smell seems to have a hint of a diesel-like smell, like a sweet Kush but more similar to the OG strain. This could go for a AAA . To me the effects are a nighttime kind of effect, if you're used to indicas, this would be great for day, maybe with a bowl or 2 of a sativa in between. 8.7/10

Ganja West is a great company, I'm very glad I purchase their products, thus I shall keep doing so. And I highly recommend them to everyone.
Overall 9.5/10.
Master Kush AA
Headband AAA
Purple Kush AAA
Cherry Pie budder
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