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Chronic Kush

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Super easy, no hassle

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I have to say this MoM kicked ass right here. I ordered and before i sent payment they sold out. They honored the deal when more came in
Price was very good as i paid 40/0z. I've got 100oz that were alot worse quality. Price for this was unrel

Customer service was awesome and keep very close communication to solve the minor issue of a mixup. They really knocked it out of the park.

Very Discreet and well packaged. No odor at all! Ordered 30oz and each back was sealed to 3oz increments

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Og Kush
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Budget Oz are quality forsure

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Keep up the killer work and great CS.

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Hey. This dispensary is legendary. They keep getting the best stuff that you can't even catch up. Blessedquick is out of this world. I can mix it with literally any liquid drink. It's amazing. They never seem to disappoint. Hats off to you guys at chronic kush. Keep up the good work :).

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Review for Chronic Kush Co

Pros: easy to use interface, great selection, great prices with detailed listing of what each strain can do, option to buy in bulk or what you need recreationally, same day delivery in the GTA option available.

Cons: there are none so far! I’m glad I found them .

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CK has a good variety with great buds to bake with, it offers budget-High quality strains, they have some infamous strains like blue dream at excellent prices. Would highly recommend them specially for 1st time users who are not much familiar with mail ordering, they provide safe transactions.

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Nice i cant wait to see how fast it is im in the gta kinda so im interested to see how long it will take to to get to me bc moms are at 3 days can i get it down to a day with chronic kush lets see i just orderd 1 1\2 ohs of the Dutch treat looks nice in the pic i will do a review when it comes but judged from here I think it will be fire 🔥
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Dont look like its gunna get her today aww. Ordered Wednesday late at nite shipped Thursday at 11am 2 day shipping so of course canada post will take the max time im 30km outta the delivery area or i would have paid the 30 o well lets see if 2g can last me till monday or i will order from the bakers corner to get some to get through man i want my goodies lol chronickushcoca as been geat so far when it come to communication and shipping i jar it up monday i will do a review. Dank you😜

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Great company!

I've ordered 3 Times now and have not been disappointed once. Very excellent bud in the AAAA GRADE section well worth the price, tried sour amnesia, Black diamond, tuna kush, Darth Vader and I was pleased with all of them.
Last time I ordered some skunkberry from the AA SECTION and I was very pleased with that as well. I was expecting a lower quality bud but I was surprised when the AA bud was fairly potent. I will probably be ordering from the AA SECTION from now on for 130$ oz you can't go wrong. You get quality and quantity.

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After most storefront dispensaries in Toronto closed, I resorted to a delivery service - and I wish I'd been using Chronic Kush Co all along! The product quality/price is fantastic, they have a loyalty rewards program that pays off quickly, and the same day GTA delivery has been on point every time (plus the drivers are nice and always on time) . Highly recommend!