Milky Way Pen!

Am I ever glad I got this! I'm still messing with it to turn it on but once it's activated and you get that puff (3 second pulls are ideal for me) this stuff HITS! The Jack herer is better than the flower version I ever got from any mom. (Cartridges are 1gr milky way brand.) The buzz lasts a long time, very clean feeling to the distillate. I've taken a few longer hauls and the buzz hit me like I was gonna hit the deck. Not joking, I'm no light weight here either...

Tried the KIng Louis last night and really liked it. Very relaxing. I have some granddaddy purple to try as well.

@$50 bucks 1gr cart, ready to go, solvent free I'd say it's a good purchase. Yes, there's less expensive but I saw those deals after. I'm seeing 3gr honey oil for $75! NOt the same product, just wanted to point that out.

To those of you going home for the holiday's like me and are need a sneaky low profile device to get your fix, this is it!