Re: BWIB Mercedes Hash

I tried a few mercedes batch here and there and this is no big deal. If youre lucky you may get a good batch but usually it taste like wet cannabis leaf. The okanagangreen dude told me that mercedes hash with larger stamp are way better than those with the smallest stamp. He think that the smallest stamp one is made with old kief.

I would like to know the history of that hash ! Its everywhere now and it remind me the bubble hash i used to make with my summer crop when i was in high school lol at that time i would have tell that is was fire but time change

Re: BWIB Mercedes Hash

skunkymonkey wrote:
Fri Dec 28, 2018 10:17 pm
Has anyone tried the mercedes hash from bulkweedinbox ?
wanting to get some but lowest order amount is an oz..
not sure if i wanna go all out would be nice to see some reviews
Hey bud not sure about their hash or how experienced you with hash, however we have over 15 different flavors. Pretty well known for our quality and expertise. Any questions let me know.

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