Best way to heat Distillate

I just bought another Oz of distillate from West Coast Cannabis but they but it in one jar instead of two this time. Its pretty much filled to the top so i'm worried setting up a double-broiler the water might not heat it up if the water only foes to half the jars length, but if i fill it to the top it might splash in. I just have to heat it up so its less viscous for the blunt tip syringes to pull it through, for filling vape carts. I thought maybe microwave it but then though it might not be the best idea to pump it with radiation lol, but If any of you have some ideas of how i could heat it up carefully please let me know, Thanks!

Re: Best way to heat Distillate

bblzd wrote:
Wed Jan 30, 2019 7:21 pm
I use double boil method for my jars of oil. Water boils at 100C so is fine but I like to keep it a bit below, originally I used a candy thermometer until I realized it's always going to be under 100C if the water is not steadily boiling.
Il try this i was just worried with the volume of distillate in the jar the condensation might build up, idk tho il have to try i guess