Re: Best MOM deals for first time customers + Shipping

we're not "established" yet (we should be - sent in all the reviews to capt crunch - waiting for him to check them) but we offer 15% off for this site with MOM15 (or CMOM10 for the 5 new strains but only 10%).
Free shipping after $150, loyalty point program as well and reward points for leaving reviews on the site after receiving your purchase.
I'm always around as well if you have any questions if you do ever decide to use us.

Re: Best MOM deals for first time customers + Shipping

I don't know of any other MOMs right now that have similar "first time" deal. That said, HSP is worth a look they often have 30% deals which brings everything to very cheap level for the quality they carry. They also have bundle deals once in a while like the El Cheapo (you need to be fast on the trigger when it's available, it only lasts a couple hours). El Cheapo is 14g x 4 for 160$, you don't chose the strains and they can be from anything in their menu including lower grade stuff, but very often you'll get 2-3 top quality strains. Might be smaller buds or other small "issues", but it's definitely a killer deal.

If you like cookie strains (I don't), they also have a 270$ for 3 OZ called the Cookie Jar I think, it's budget priced but not budget bud according to those who tried.

Other than that, you might get direct offers by PM for an inquiry such as this one, most MOMs offer samples now and then depending how they feel. They rarely do when asked straight up though.

Re: Best MOM deals for first time customers + Shipping

Raptorfan93 wrote:
Sat Feb 02, 2019 5:11 pm
I know KC gives 50 bucks to first time customers and 20% off on a mix of 4 or more 1/4th oz.

What is the best deal?

Verified MoM's only :) I want to see what is the cost of acquisition for Canadian MoM's - see how much they trust their quality to get the customer hooked and keep them on as a life long subscriber

-I'm a fun guy too

As you requested... up to 14g cannabis free bonus!

Coupon Code: NEW10 for 10% off your first purchase
Free 3.5g AA sign-up bonus
Free Shipping on orders over $149
Free 3.5g AA on orders over $199
Free 3.5g AAA on orders over $299 (substitute 1g budder / shatter on request)
Free 3.5g AAAA on orders over $399 (substitute 1g budder / shatter on request)

All stackable promos!
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