Best MOM for Sativa Shatter or Other Dab-bable Concentrates

Does anyone know a good MOM with high quality shatter of Sativa strain? I have been smoking strictly flower for many years and although using quite a few MOM's for flower in the past, I have found a local connection the internet just cant seem to beat. Unfortunately though my tastes have shifted towards shatter and my friend says he has no interest in finding any shatter as I am basically the only one who asks him for it. I have a local dispensary that carries a few OK strains but most are either butane soup, or just trash quality and you need to be hitting fat dabs to get $50 a g. This made me turn back to MOM's and I gave CE a try but have been very timid with ordering from MOM's as since I have much less experience with shatter Im worried about buying some bad or low quality product, and mostly because I am in a place of financial instability and will be for a month or so until the weather permits work for me again. That being said if I get bad product, Im shit outa luck. I also forgot to add I have a rediculous tolerance, so weak shatter aint gonna cut it for me, I WOULD rather pay a bit more for higher quality shatter to a point. Oh and to the point of the entire post, please, a SATIVA! CE are masters of the Indica and hybrid game but it becomes a little tiresome to only have indica on hand so please give some options for SATIVA! thanks guys, and any opinions are helpful!