Re: How often do MOMs update their stock, typically?

I will order from different MoMs if I'm looking for something they don't have. So I like to have a small handful that I cycle through to find the perfect strain choice for my order. I wouldn't consider myself completely dis-loyal to the select MoMs I love, who have won my affection. I totally chat with them to find out what's up and coming, and I wouldn't be completely surprised that my preferences have a teeny hand in what strains are selected in the future... I have noticed that TGA has got the most delightful selection of day sativas that all work so fabulously, yet I have to choose! AAAHHH! It's like they've intentionally selected flower that I PERSONALLY WANT TO OWN–a few years ago it felt to me like maybe if I got lucky they'd have a sativa of the type I preferred, but 50/50 it might also be a heavy anxiety inducing euphoric strain which prevents me from doing anything.

...So anyway, in my opinion, it is worth it to tell your favorite MoM what you love to buy. And it's also worth just trying strains from other places cause you want a specific strain.

Re: How often do MOMs update their stock, typically?

It's great to be loyal to a business, but if the business doesn't carry what you're looking for more often than not it's time to start searching elsewhere. That is, however, after you have contacted the business and talked to them about your issues.

People have that low attention span for these types of things too. "Place sucks, doesn't have what I need anymore!" Well, have you tried talking to the manager/people who inventory product? "No, that's a waste of time. I'll just go elsewhere" OK bye.

I don't have any relationships with any MOMs. Most times I find when I contact a mom it's very short answers, but I get that people are busy too. Mostly though, for me personally, if a MOM doesn't have what I want I just order something else because I like trying new strains :) And I like to randomize where my packages come from.

Re: How often do MOMs update their stock, typically?

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Cheapweed - we restock daily.

10+ strains,

Check around usually 9-11pm eastern time (ontario) for menu updates
Includes weekends as well
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