Hey friends,

We are looking to expand our lineup and are looking for some new strains to serve up. Thought I'd check here first! What are your all time faves, hard to come by, high CBD, 1:1s, rarities, exotics, new strains, or strains for particular medical conditions? We have a line on a high CBD strain that is currently unavailable publicly, so that is exciting! What else you got? Thousands of strains out there, I'm sure there are some beauties that nobody is growing right now. Hit me up! :)
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Re: Requests?

Years ago here in NB I used to get a strain called Kong. Just kong. Not king kong or anything else. It had a really unique flavor and was instantly recognizable back in the days when you just took whatever your guy had. It looks like leafly lists Kong as a strain. It looks the same / similar to how I remember it. If I could confirm it's the same by taste I'd buy a pound of it. This was knockout potent weed in 1999. It can only have gotten better.

Re: Requests?

chuchon06 wrote:
Wed Feb 06, 2019 8:21 pm
Pungent versions of Black Tuna, Bluefin Tuna Kush, and Pink Bubba
Yes, yes and yes.

Blue Frost was quickly becoming a fan favourite from KC, but it seems as though they won't be stocking it again any time soon as per my brief conversation with their support.