High THC

Hey anyone used Highthc.ca? Saw a post on reddit I see they use paypal as there payment method. Considering the norm for Mail orders is EMT, i really like being able to use my credit card as payment very tempted to try them.-

Re: High THC

Did you see their post on mompics? Beware shills.

This place is an obvious rebrand of GreenSociety, the user who posted it on mompics seems to have shilled for GS in the past, see for yourself.

Every product that HighTHC has, GreenSociety also has. Look at the FAQ pages, everything is exactly the same, word for word.

Re: High THC

MoM Pics is all shills anyways

too bad when cheapweed posts get posted we get called out

meanwhile the other 4-6 moms who get reviews dont

but overall MOMPICS shill or not, I see it as a place for people to post and share photos

by now, everyone should just remove the term shill and let people be and post whatever they wish truthfully