OG Extracts (Old Growth Extracts)

Hey folks,

haven't seen any discussion on here about OG Extracts. Just wondering if anyone else has heard of these guys or tried their product? They approached me on Instagram as I have a pretty good following on there for music and ended up getting a few different selections of their concentrates which I am currently enjoying. Just curious as I have not seen any talk on here about them and they seem to have a good selection (prices might be a bit high, but you are getting quality all the way around).

Anyways, just curious. Cheers.


Re: OG Extracts (Old Growth Extracts)

gandalfe wrote:
Sat Mar 16, 2019 5:28 pm
I've heard of them ,and they are up there on par ,with Kind extracts, and such.Most of us here are more budget types that want cheap prices.I like to treat myself now and then and get some higher grade stuff, but it rarely happens.
I hear ya man. The line between fiscally responsible and quality is a fine line to tread! Appreciate the response - cheers!