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Re: [STICKY] Rules for the General forum

msa wrote:
Sat Mar 03, 2018 11:54 pm
1: is psilocybin a hard drug?
I've only seen it twice, once on a website specifically selling shrooms and one was a mom site (where it was disgustingly overpriced).

I think it'll be the next MOM (mail order mushrooms). But for the time being you can just get psilacetin legally which is practically the same thing. (Totally recommend)

Re: [STICKY] Rules for the General forum

I've had psilocybin several times (different varieties of it, including the elusive one from the Iles-de-la-Madeleine which from my understanding cannot be artificially grown, so it's extremely rare) and no, I would not consider them to be a hard drug. A bit like weed, there is a limit to how stoned you can be on them (I took 14g once, wasn't really stronger than a 2g dose). The trip strength is similar to weed and despite all fairy tales, they don't induce much hallucinations. It does however open the mind in a similar way that LSD does (on the downtrip, when the "stormy" part of the buzz subsides) --- which is not something weed does.

Not too sure on the names of the common strains of shrooms (the ones you'll find on the streets 99% of the time), but trip is pretty similar.

Re: [STICKY] Rules for the General forum

I agree that it's very similar to marijuana, although mushrooms did something marijuana did not–"opening the mind" I suppose but that's an inadequate way to put it and I think it would be harmful and terrifying for someone not spiritually prepared. What's interesting is I've had mega doses on cannabis which are almost hallucinogenic psychoactive madness. While it's definitely not a hard drug, I wouldn't call it quite as safe as cannabis since you can really get knocked out of your identity. I've never had a total ego death on cannabis, and my delight in experiencing this phenomenon aside, I don't think it's unreasonable to keep this forum focused on cannabis unless mushrooms are legalized. Which I suppose may be another few decades in the making. I believe the status here is it's permissible to possess the spores but not to grow them or dry them. I'd hate to lose marijuana funland over some mushroom madness.