Sweetleaf Concentrates

Have ordered from these guys a couple of times. Found they are the best price and quality if you're looking for mid level shatter. I've also tried their top level shatter (which is sold at several other MOMS) and found it to be very good shatter. Price for A shatter $35.00 a gram and White label shatter (their mid level shatter) $.25.00 a gram. I ordered 10 grams which is all 8 of their strains plus doubled up on pine tar and ghost train (favourites) along with a gram each of live resin(death bubba and white widow). Great price for the live resin as well and I love live resin more than shatter but shatter is cheaper. Not sure if it was a special or because I ordered 10 grams but the price went from $25.00 to $23.57 a gram. I've tried several of them so far and all are good. Colour and clarity as well as potent. Free shipping after $245.00 and the shipment got to me in Ontario in a couple of days. Will be going back to these guys again and again for really good mid level shatter and live resin.

Re: Sweetleaf Concentrates

They used to be my primary source because of consistency of product and carrying one strain I particularly like, but after they botched two of my orders in a row, I took my business elsewhere. Would've continued if not for the rudeness I received and the thinly veiled accusations that I was somehow to blame for their packaging faults. YMMV